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My Boujee London Life

Who is she?

My name is Kaylen Rose and this is where I rant and be a 'How To' girl. On here you will see that I have allowed full Millennialism and Self Absorption take over me, so much so that I am writing and ramming my opinions and anything that sparks my interest down your throat through a blog. I have a bit of a rep for enjoying the finer things in life and for having zero filter (vocabulary filter obvs - we all know I am covered in Valencia). I am a conservatoire trained Opera Singer, a fashion enthusiast, an eyelash addict, a caffeine dependent, and my social life is based around food. I am an Irish Gal through and through but I am currently mastering how to live a Boujee London Life one Cheeseboard and bottle of Bollie at a time. 

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