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A Covid Christmas

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

I don't know about you, but I am really looking forward to Christmas this year. I mean I am always on a countdown to Christmas, but I am glad that this year is no different for me. There is quite a bit of negativity associated with this Christmas because it won't be the kind you are used to - which I can understand, but at the same time I really don't know why anyone would allow 2020 claim their Christmas! A lot of choice has been taken from us this year, but the decision of allowing Christmas to be a great one is still very much in our control... so why not choose it?


Take Away The Pressure

There is no point stressing this Christmas - the stress has already happened this year so why waste the one time of year that is supposed to be about the simple things. I get that Christmas has become very commercial and can be very competitive and/or over the top, but if this year has taught us anything it's that the things that can't be bought are what are worth the most. Families will be separated this year, families will have empty chairs that even when the Christmas Season is over won't be filled, and this Christmas will be different - but different doesn't mean bad! Focus on what you have instead of trying to go over the top to disguise what's happened this year and make it better. What's done is done, nothing can be changed, be happy with what you are so blessed to have, and this year enjoy its simplicities.

Keep Your Traditions

Every household and family have festive traditions, and I feel with a little bit of creativity or alternatives those traditions can still be kept, or even better make new ones this year. I mentioned in a blog post last year that a tradition of mine is Beer and Bratwurst to kick off the festivities… it's something me and Keith have done for 7 years be it at the Christmas Markets in Ireland, or at Winter Wonderland in London - it's what we always do, but that's not an option this year coz we aren't going home for Christmas and Winter Wonderland is non-existent right now so I will make my own this year (or find somewhere that delivers) and play really shit covers of Christmas songs. If your thing is drinks in the local on Christmas eve - do it at home?! If its family members you visit - call them!? Pull up outside their house if possible?! Zoom or facetime them?! Whatever your traditions may be most of them can still happen, or worst-case scenario just need a tiny bit of tweaking.

We Have Nothing But Time

For once Christmas is not back-to-back with scheduled plans and mayhem - which yes, I do love, but we have time this year to do things we don’t usually get around to. I'm usually so busy at work, shopping, going to parties, and preparing a trip home that in the end it all just goes by so fast… this year because I used next to no annual leave, I have 3 weeks off… 3 weeks off and no commitments - I may implode with how excited I am! My Christmas shopping is done, the food shop is ordered, I have nothing do but the things 'I' want to do, and to be honest all I want is to watch Hallmark films with the same bullshit story of a big city gal who gets stranded in a small town... Who finds the meaning of Christmas and takes on the Motherless children of her new Man - you know the new guy that we think is a Prick at first and bit temperamental, but then we see he's kind and helps the local old people so we live for him… yeah!! that's the hallmark low budget trash I'll be watching for 3 weeks while eating my bodyweight in cheese and chutney.


Like I mentioned already this Christmas will be different, but to be fair this whole year was different so like everything else it is best to embrace it. We have a whole month of spirits been lifted and to be distracted with everything the season has to offer - so take it! Come January we will be straight back into it all again… Lockdowns and high tiers are very likely to happen again… the year will start without that fresh start feeling we are used to because nothing will have changed, but I really think that if we use this month to reboot, rewire, and recharge ourselves by focusing on all the positives and good things that come with this time of year that we might just become that bit more motivated and ready to face whatever 2021 has to throw at us!

Don’t waste a perfectly Good Christmas…not when so many people didn’t make it as far as you did this year!

Stay Festive, Stay Safe, and Stay Boujee xxx

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