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A Fabu Feb

Updated: May 26, 2020

I am very behind with my 'beginning of the month' blog post, but I have been very busy and very sick this week. So, it is now the beginning of another month, and in my ‘Get Up & Go Diary’ March is allocated to Happiness. I was not sure if focusing on specific things would make much of a difference or have any kind of impact, but I can honestly say for me it is leading to very positive results. My February was focused on ‘Love’ which was an easy one for me because my life is filled with it, and I had loads of opportunities to embrace the love and put it back out there.

Date Days & Date Nights

To be fair it’s pretty easy to be all jacked up on Love with Valentines Day happening because the whole place is like Love on steroids. I can imagine that if you are not batting for the Love team on V-day it would be irrelevant to you, but I am batting for that team, so I love the pink and red imploding in my face. Valentines day is a good excuse to have a date night and spend time with your significant other however I don’t think it should be the only time there is effort made. I am a firm believer in weekly dates even if it is just grabbing a dinner or going to the cinema or planning a couch day – whatever it may be that you like to do just do it! This month we did a lot of the things we like to do as a couple… We had dinners out, brunch dates, had a Valentines date, saw &Juliet the musical, saw Shrek the musical, and we saw the 1975. Now that I have listed it all out, I do not want to see him for a month Ha!


I was not sure how to tackle this because I take time to be by myself and do the things that I want to do even if that is just putting on a face mask and watching Sex and the City for the 50th time (that’s what I am watching right now). This month I took the time to start a gym routine that suited my schedule. I used to always choose to go during lunch (and be rushing like crazy and stressing trying to get back to the office) or after work (and have to push myself to go after a day’s work which is not easy) but now I am a 6am Gym goer which honestly I never thought I would be coz I am always so tired but because I sleep so much better now after cutting way back on meat (once a week at most) and focusing on getting enough sleep, I get up at 6am and go to the gym before work and take my time getting ready after my workout. I would highly recommend morning gyming because once it is done it is done for the day, and then lunch breaks can be for relaxing just like I can go straight home after work without making a gym stop. It may not count to many people as Self-Love but to me it is because I am doing something I want to do and making the time to make sure it happens without bother.

Family & Friends

This month was a great month for catching up with Family & Friends. I caught up with some of my friends this month that I have not seen in ages due to schedules and different continents of residence, but I always think a good catch up and is a necessity in feeling the Love. When you live away from home your friends are the family that you choose so touching base with them is very important. Schedules can be manic especially living in London but even if it is just once a month it can be just what you need to feel and spread the love. Last week there was an ever so Boujee and Boozy catch up with friends that as always involved so much wine (tut tut) I think there was a combined loss of about 8 years off my life span (she wasn’t cute the next morning). Also, I flew home last weekend for my brother Adam’s surprise 21st birthday party which was fantastic of course. Going home and seeing family is always the best way to uplift your spirit because surrounding yourself with the people who are not allowed to not love you is always good. For those of you who follow me on Instagram you will now know that I was not in Edinburgh lol! I needed to throw my bro off the scent, and because I can’t stay off social media, he would have seen the airport realness, so it was best to just commit to the lie by checking into fake places and stealing people’s photos (with permission) of Edinburgh. I’m a performer darling so its Oscar worthy or its nothing!

Putting it out there

February for me was about putting all the love back out there as best I could which I believe I did but I am not going to list the random things I have done because then it doesn’t really count if I get recognition for it. The thing I learned most though is that whatever you put out there comes back around too. Every time I did something, I saw it come back around even if it was the smallest thing I could see why and where it came from. The last week in February alone was just constant positivity and good vibes everywhere, and then just when I didn’t think that my month could take anymore Love my Soul sister Jade (Geraldine) who is pregnant asked me to be the person who knows the gender of the baby so that the Gender Reveal Party can be planned. This made me cry & die all at once. Although the pressure of being in the know and trying to avoid saying it will make me as crazy as my Mam during the week running up to Adam’s birthday Ha! Ok, crazy is unfair but I don’t know the word to use for someone getting up before dawn to wash the glass doors just to avoid been seen… if you know the politically correct word for this behaviour do let me know.

So that was February for me a month full of Love from every aspect and angle that it could come from. I don’t think every month will feel like this and that I will always feel the Love because lets face it people can be the worst…but I can put it out there and if it doesn’t always come back around then who cares at least I’ll know I am being kind and showing the love so even if it’s of no benefit to me someone else will benefit from it. It's all about doing your bit so that in the end kindness prevails.

Stay Boujee xxx

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