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All things Autumn

I must be the only Summer baby I know that absolutely despises the Summer. I mean I obviously love a Parkiki and I am partial to the odd BBQ, but I literally cannot explain the happiness I feel knowing we have reached the months that end in “ber”. Most people I surround myself with absolutely live for the Summer and the hot weather, but I really and truly loathe it. I am convinced my family have been lying to me my whole life and that I am actually adopted and originally from the Baltics. It is the only possible explanation for my love of all things cold. Yup! I'm living a lie and strongly believe I am in fact Estonian….probably a similar back story to Anastasia.

Shoes by Ted Baker


What I love about this season...

Walks with him through the leaves are my favourite

The leaves  

The Autumn leaves are one of my favourite things to see. I love it when the paths are covered in red, gold, and orange. In saying that if the leaves fall and it rains you will stare death multiple times in the face as you slip and slide all over the place, BUT when its dry and the leaves are crisp it really is the best time. Strolling in the parks of London during the Autumn season is something I look forward to every year. Even if things get bad again Covid wise this is something that won't be taken away and something we can still look forward to.  

Knitted Jumpers and Baker Boy Hats - ESSENTIAL

The Fashion

Autumn/Winter Fashion is the one for me. I love seeing what the trending coat style is every year... like as much as you might think a coat is just a coat (to an extent that is true), but every year a new one takes trend - I am hoping The Teddy Coat sticks around for another year because that was an absolute mood last year. I was going through my winter wardrobe recently so now all I want is to layer up and need to to wear hats and scarves. I keep a good portion of my summer bits in my wardrobe all year like skirts and dresses - I just wear them in a different way with tights and boots etc. It really is about being smart with your clothes and being sure you can transition some from season to season.

Elisabeth Chocolatier in Belgium 2018

Food & Drinks 

You would be lying to yourself if you said food isn’t as good this time of year as it is in the summer. LIES. Hearty & Homely recipes are what the cold months are all about! Like cooking big roast in July when London is like the Sahara is just not an option, just like leaving thinks cook all day in the slow cooker is not an option when your kitchen is like a sauna. In the summer, a lot of my cooking is based on what recipe takes the least amount of time with the cooker switched on - Yes! you read that right! I can't even bare the heat from my oven in the summer. I love to cook so for me the A/W season is the best time for that. ALSO, how can you not be obsessed with Pumpkin Spice realness and Hot Chocolate??? and if that's not enough just come through with the Red wine and the cheese board. It is what dreams are made of.  

Doing God knows what in the countryside in Surrey

Cold Month Activities

There is always so much happening events wise this time of year from LFW right up to Winter Wonderland (cancelled I know), but there will still be things we can do ourselves around Halloween and Christmas. These are the months I do my annual binge of Films so I start with Lord of the Rings in September then its straight into Twilight, and then we finish strong with Harry Potter just in time to start the Christmas film bonanza. I do this every year without fail, and love nothing more then getting cosy on the couch, lighting all of my candles, and having a calories fest. The more I list stuff the more I realise how much easier Rona-Realness will be in the next few months coz March to August was the worst time for Covid, but this will be far easier coz you will be mostly inside anyway - of course there will be a lot of things you can’t do still, but indoor activities are far easier to do when its colder… looking out at the sunshine was definitely trying for a lot of people (not me - hate it).  


So, instead of being upset at the thought of the next few months being locked away again…instead lets just embrace it as best we can. I was going through the frustrated phase the last few weeks, but now that I am in my new house I am more than happy to spend my time inside binge watching things, reading, eating, and going for walks in the cold all wrapped up in layers.

Happy Autumn!

Stay Safe & Stay Boujee xxx

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