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Updated: Jun 8, 2020

I returned from Amsterdam just over a week ago and thought while I am sick in bed and can’t focus on any more TV now is probably the best time to tell you all about my trip and experience visiting this beautiful city.

I mean if you don't take a picture on a bridge in Amsterdam did you even go?

The journey

Not gonna lie to you but when your previous flight was with British airways to Barbados for 9 hours, even 40 minutes on an Easyjet plane is unbearable. I’ve always hated flying with them but it was only 40 minutes so it was actually OK - but seriously did you ever notice that every other airline says “in the unlikely event that we have to land in water” but easy jet says “if we land in water” I mean they may as well just say ‘when this flying bus packs in and we all plummet to our deaths while you hold a manky cup of tea lets hope we land in water and this is the procedure to follow’. Anyway, like I said it was just 40 minutes and once we landed everything was so simple because Amsterdam has the advanced level of London but a fraction of the people so everything is just so smooth running. Our hotel had its own bus stop at the airport where the hotel shuttle picked up guests every 30 minutes so it was perfect.


We stayed in the Mercure West Hotel which is about a 20 minute bus ride to the city centre so it had that perfect balance of being in a quiet area but not having to make any effort to get where you want to go. The hotel was cute, really clean, and the staff were really friendly so it was ideal for our stay. We spent very little time at the hotel as we left every morning before breakfast and didn’t return until late (where I would sit up drinking rank herbal tea with powdered milk watching the Miss Italia Pageant - don’t even get me started on that because its soooo outdated and borderline offensive). The bus stop for the city centre is a two minute walk from the hotel and is next to a garage so for people who visit Amsterdam and end up with late night munchies this is a win for you.


Thursday Night

Once we settled into the hotel and freshened up we went straight into the city centre where we browsed around the little shops and found somewhere for dinner. What you should know about Amsterdam is that it doesn’t really have its own cuisine so you will just end up eating random other cuisines which I don’t mind at all but if you are looking for authentic cuisine in Amsterdam you will end up eating Frittes, croquettes, and waffles. On our first night we just opted for an Italian restaurant and had Pizza and wine. After we fuelled up we then went to see one of the shops where people bought weed to take away its one of their specialised shops called Boerejongens. Amsterdam has such a relaxed vibe all of the time (probs coz of said weed) so walking around is very relaxing especially when a city is that beautiful. We decided to end the first night in the Dam with some waffles (I had one loaded with Kinder Buenos) and we ate them while watching men negotiate with prostitutes - I was truly living my best life.

Bagels & Beans near Museum Square


Our first full day in the city was really great. Our plan was to go to the Van Gogh Museum but it was fully booked up until 4pm (yeah, you ain’t in London now Dorothy you need tickets and a time slot). We didn’t mind and decided to book our tickets for the Sunday instead. We went and had brunch at Bagel & Beans near Museum Square which I can confirm have the best bagels I have ever tasted. There may be a queue for a table when you get there but it really is worth the few minutes wait. After eating the king of all-bagels- everywhere we then decided to walk along the canals, and then do a boat tour. I would highly recommend doing this because they are for 90 minutes and you get to see so much of the city and learn about its history. I know that is not everyone’s idea of a good time but you don’t have to listen if you aren’t interested in the facts but I loved every minute of it. We spent the afternoon in coffee shops sipping hot drinks and people watching. That evening we opted for Italian again which is very unlike us but we were just so tired from the day that we just chose the easiest option. You walk around all day every day in this city so you are always pretty worn out by the end of the day. Its not a huge city but we ended up walking miles and miles every day. Not a complaint from me but if you are not someone who likes to walk a lot then this is not the place for you. We went back to our hotel that night after drinking the coldest drink’s ever- that was something I loved about this city the cold drinks are like ice.

The Bloomin Markt


On the Saturday our plan was to wander and find a brunch spot in Jordaan which is like the Shoreditch of Amsterdam. We also wanted to go to see Anne Franks house but the next available slot was November (downside to living in London is that when you are handing over your money you expect everything handed to you there and then no question’s asked so when you go to other places you forget that its not always the same case and you end up with a look of disbelief and horror on your face when you find out you cant just do what you want when you want). This through a slight spanner in the works but we decided to hit up the designer shops instead and the Food Hallen (Huge street food market). After that we went to Lucy’s cheesecakes which was amazing and such a cute Cafe - the entire place is just a pink bonanza. On our last night it was only right that we finished it by visiting the girls in the Red Light District after a walk around all the shops and coffee shop stop. It may sound bizarre but the RLD is probably one of my favourite places in the world because everything its just ‘out there’ there is no shame in what people are looking for when they go there, I like also that because prostitution is legal the girls are looked after properly, set their own terms, and have the choice to say no.

Candid Picture with my boy VVG


This was our last day in Amsterdam and we had to be out of the Hotel by 12 so we packed up early and left to go the Van Gogh museum. My worst night mare would be having to drag a suitcase around but in Amsterdam they have an amazing system where you can check your bag into a ‘luggage point’. There is a luggage point in Museum square that you can leave your stuff in a locker for up to 24 hours for 6euro (one locker is big enough to fit two suitcases) so this service is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to be lugging luggage. The Van Gogh museum is beautiful and comprises 200 paintings, 400 drawings, and 700 letters by Vincent Van Gogh. It is displayed like a timeline of his life and you can see how he developed his talent and technique just like you can see how things were slowly becoming darker in his life. For me I was besotted by his letters and listening to the translations. I have since my return started to read them but they make me cry not just because it was an obvious spiral of his mental health but just reading his words on how he saw the worlds beauty and value of life - its just a shame the world wasn’t kinder to him and he took his own. After The Van Gogh museum and buying my Van Gogh merch we then went to the ‘Bloomin Markt’ to pick up some souvenirs to take home. I love the Bloomin Markt so much because its all tulips and clogs (I purchased both), and it also has a Christmas Shop which is the greatest place on earth. I would recommend hitting up the Christmas shop and embracing the festive realness.


That evening we flew back and the journey was GRIM. In true Easy Jet style we had to sit on the runway waiting to take off for almost an hour and a half. I swear I just hate the airline so much! But return journey aside it really was such a great weekend and I will 100% go back to Amsterdam. It is such a beautiful City and is like no other place I’ve even been. It's bursting with History, Culture, Art, Waffles, Legalised drugs, and Prostitution - what more could you ask for? Even if those things aren’t necessarily for you isn’t it nice to know you’re in a place that allows you to do it if you change your mind?

Amsterdam you are amazing!

Stay Boujee xxx

Boujee Tips & Tricks

1. #Prebook everything

2. Bring your #comfiest shoes because you will walk a lot

3. If you are lost or need a go to point just Google map the '#AppleStore’ its the centre of everything and has access to most trams near by.

4. Get a croquette from the vending machines at #FEBO.

5. If you are smoking the devils grass drink #coke while you do it (apparently).

6. Watch your belonging's due to #pickpockets on the RLD because this is where you will be distracted the most by everything around you (Keith almost had his phone removed from his pocket).

7. Be #prepared to spend money! Its an expensive city but you can stock up on snacks and water in any of the local super markets.

8. Do a #boat tour of the Canals so you can see them properly.

9. #Frittes are just chips with mayonnaise

10. Don’t eat at the #Airport - the choices are poor and a regular Big Mac Meal is 18euro.

11. There is a place called Satellite Sports Cafe - all you can eat #ribs for 11.99euro

12. Do #not take pictures of the girls on the RLD - its illegal, disrespectful, and they will throw cups of piss at you.

13. Watch out for the #bikes

14. Aside from the things you should book like Museums -don’t make a #plan just wander the streets and enjoy it.

15. #Amsterdam can be done in two days if you aren’t there to Party all night.

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