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Another Lockdown Another 'How To'

I have no doubt that we have all woken up today with mixed emotions. We are all going through something right now and we are all concerned about a multitude of things, but I believe right now more than ever that we really need to focus on look after our wellbeing and mental health.

I won't ramble on like I usually do (or maybe I will) because I know there is already 100s of people telling you what to do right now and what to focus on.... so I am just going to list a few tiny things that might boost you up because they are the things that work for me...


Light the candles

We all have the boujee candles that we don't light straight away or are saving for something (you don't know what but you're just saving them) well today is the day - light them! If you were waiting for a time it really is now. It's just a fact that a lovely scented candle flickering can change your mood entirely so light a candle every day - all day if you need to!

Buy the flowers

Who doesn't love flowers? When people say they don't like them, or they are a waste of money they just sound like someone trying to be cool on a first date who later regrets it coz she never has flowers. I usually buy fresh flowers weekly for myself just because! I don't need a reason when I'm doing the food shop to put flowers in the basket or to stop at the local florist. Get yourself some flowers every week to brighten up your house as well as your day.

Glam Up!

What I really miss is getting dolled up, so I now make it my business to put on a face twice a week and wear something cute. I never need a reason to dress up coz I do it for myself so I will continue to do this. We always feel a little extra oomph in our step when we are dressed up or know we look nice so why would you stop that? Even if it's just to take a selfie or watch Netflix - Glam up once or twice a week for yourself!

Indulge in Self Care

Anyone who knows me or follows me on the gram is aware that I will not hesitate to indulge in self-care! Facemasks, Bubble Baths, Cocktails, and Champagne I will not say no and do not care how 'entitled' I look coz I'm sipping Champers in the Bath on a shit Tuesday... coz FUN FACT - I am entitled to it! We all share posts about the importance of mental health and wellbeing, but most people do nothing for themselves to support this claim. Whatever it is that comforts you - DO IT!!!

Schedule Plans

Having too much time and not enough activities is a real killer. I love watching Netflix and Disney Plus, but I do burn out after a while from it. We all need a plan that is more than just watching TV even if it's just a zoom call or a catch up with people - you need to schedule it in. Having as little as one solid plan a week gives structure to a time that feels like it's all rolled in to one. Planning Date Night is something to do if you are in a relationship (or live with friends - whatevs) Setting one night a week as date night is a great plan! Cook something nice or order in, maybe dress up a bit , plan a film to watch or activity, and put the phone aside. We all need something to look forward to so it's important to have something in the planner every week.

Clean house Clean mind

I can't stress enough the difference it makes to mindframe. Anyone who reads into the human brain and behaviours like I do will know that your environment is usually a representation of your mind. My house is clean, my house is tidy, and everything has a place - is my mind like this? Honestly? Yes! Do I have a junk drawer of random shit I don't want to deal with? Yes! Does my brain have a junk drawer or random shit I don't want to deal with right now? Also Yes! You may just think a clean house is just a clean house, but in actual fact it's physical representation of your capabilities of getting your shit together! BUT if you don't think so and will implode anyway that's fine too - at least your melt down will happen on bacteria free floors!


I hope these little things help or give you some structure in these dark days. I don't expect anyone to listen to me or take my word as Gospel, but I have yet to have a meltdown or anything more than a bad two days since all of this started 10 months ago so maybe there is some logic or truth in it?! For me it's the small things pieced together that makes the biggest difference.

I know it's hard right now, but it's about keeping the brain going and the mind healthy for the moment. Physical sickness or illness can be over pretty fast, but mental illness and mental health is something that can linger in your life forever so it's important that we all try and avoid that as much as we can.

My DM's and emails are always checked a few times a week so you can always reach out or have a rant to me if you ever need it. I won't always have the answer, but I can definitely assist you in your plan or help you organise the route to how you'll find it.

Stay Boujee & Stay Safe xxx

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