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Boujee BBQ Body

I was having a chat at work the other day about how we spend months trying to get the “Summer Body” and then the summer comes, and it all goes to shit. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really struggle in the summer trying to stay on track and find balance. Earlier this week I couldn’t tie up my jeans and knew I had to face reality and step on the scales. GURL! The 11.5 pounds up since I went to Barbados was such a smack in my contoured face. Naturally I changed the battery in the scales because I just assumed it was a lying deceitful piece of machinery but ALAS (sigh) it was serving the T.

11.5 pounds more of Boujeeness to Deal with

It is heart breaking though isn’t it? I spent 4 months without carbs, avoiding my friends so I wouldn’t drink wine, holding my breath every time I passed a Subway or Dominos so I wouldn’t smell It, and busting my ass in the gym. Then 10 weeks of not being strict leads to a weight gain of 11.5lb. I'd say something if I was being on an absolute bender this summer but I haven’t been completely reckless its just there has been a lot of grab and go dinners, one too many cocktails, and not as much commitment to the gym – but still it's so unfair.

This blog post is a bit of a Rant & Roar but while chatting to my work friends and a few others it turns out its quite a common thing to fall off the wagon during the summer because the Summer is filled with BBQ’s, after work drinks, Holidays, festivals, and grabbing food on the way to activities. Now the people I’ve spoken to haven’t gone a full 11.5 pounds like I have but I must be XTRA in everything so here we are now 11.5lbs up and jeans that will not close. So, what am I going to do about it? Should I cry? (probably - aka aka already have) or do I just get back on the wagon and deal with it?

I have decided to just get back on the wagon and deal with it. I was going to guilt trip myself and do the whole screaming hysterically at a recent picture of me, but I am actually going to skip that part. I had a great summer! I went to loads of parties, did a show, attended multiple festivals, had two holidays, drank drinks with 1000s of calories, and BBQed about 8 cows to myself. So, when I look at it from that angle (and tilt my phone on a specific angle taking pics) then it really doesn’t matter. It is as simple as saying ‘right that’s it now’ and create a plan with a time frame and a target.

So, before you start screaming at pictures of yourself and rewiring your weighing scales why not try getting into the mind frame of skipping all of that and just get motivated again. Its not like you lost your motivation and failed you simply took the summer off to have a great time and now its time to get back to the norm.

Its also time for Autumn/Winter fashion so embrace the layers and flattering coats while you get back to feeling good about yourself and finding the balance. Then when you are looking and feeling fantastic you can gain 4 stone at Christmas like I will and do the New year New you Vibe. It is such a vicious circle isn’t it?!

Rant & Roar done!

Stay Boujee xxx

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