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Centre Stage Proms

I have been posting a lot of Instagram stories of the rehearsals of the show I am in and sharing some sneaky inside shots of what we have been working on but it just occurred to me that I am not really explaining much about this show that I am doing with Centre Stage London. All you really know is that it’s called “Centre Stage Proms” and that I like to post embarrassing warm up videos while I zoom in on cast members faces. So I thought I would do a blog entry on this show and say what it’s all about because I am really proud of this show and it’s not like any other show that has been done before. So take my Boujee manicured hand and let me guide you through it all.

A year ago

This show was created by the incredible Music Extraordinaire & Composer Hayden Taylor. A year ago Hayden text me and said he wanted to tell me about a show idea he was thinking about and could he pop round after I finished work for a chat. So in true Hayden style he showed up at a bar with Digby (his schnauzer) and over a drink he told me about his idea and what he was thinking. I was 100% sold on what he was saying but I can honestly say I had no idea at the time just how brilliant it actually was and didn’t ever dare think of the music he has chosen because it is music that has never been done before as a whole show or by any other theatre company. After that conversation he just ran with it although to be fair I wasn’t much of a conversation participant because once I heard the words “full orchestra” I was like a Nike advert screaming “just do it”.

The Orchestra

What’s incredible about this show is that unlike most shows where it’s all about the singers while the musicians are hidden under a stage – sure they get the recognition at the bows and we all cheer and applaud but are they really given the moment they deserve? Well in this show YES because in this show they are the stars and they will be on the stage throughout the show while the singers and dancers come and go on to the stage but as a group we will be up on the balcony behind the orchestra. This show won’t just be a performance it will be an experience! Hearing a 27 piece Orchestra play the biggest songs in Musical Theatre from the most well know shows all under one roof will be quite the theatre experience, and is one you won’t want to miss.

The Music

Like I have just said these songs are never under one theatre roof at one time and each song has been carefully selected by Hayden. Some songs were absolute musts that were happening no matter what, and the cast will be fit around those songs but Hayden left a little section empty during the auditions process for some songs that people sang that he could put in the show so that it could also be a show that would be built around a cast. So even though this show is the highest of standards it still has that personal feeling because it wasn’t just built on what cast type was needed - it was built on what music Hayden felt an audience member would want to hear, a cast member would want to perform, and what a musician would want to play.

The singers

I know I am biased but at the same time we all know I’m not one for holding back or afraid to say the talent standard ‘has room to grow’, but I can honestly say that the singers in this cast are way up there on the talent scale, like the girl singing in the phantom sequence is just so - nah I’m only joking that’s me doing Phantom. The singers blow me away every time and not just coz I’m standing in the Soprano section but because the level of talent and the commitment of each individual that they put into every song they do is just incredible. We have spent months not just learning lyrics and harmonies but we have learned our music while being fully aware that these songs come with an expected standard and deliverance, and that to perform any of these songs less than perfect would be an insult. We all know how privileged we are to perform these songs and I guarantee you that you will see that in every performance.

The Dancers

What I love most about this show is that when I’m not in a song it’s like I’m an audience member too, and that is because of our featured dancers. There are multiple styles of dancing in this show and they are all outstanding. I have been to many shows and I have seen many dance numbers but I have never seen dancers like this outside a Westend performance. The skill and passion in these dancers is just mesmerizing and you just get lost watching them. I am actually LIVID that my Mother wasn’t a crazy stage Mom who insisted I take up extreme ballroom or ultimate tap classes (jokes on her coz she now sees Instagram’s of me twerking!). But all jokes aside what the dancers bring to this show is something really special. Yesterday we all saw the Cats number for the first time and it was nothing less than spectacular.

Dominic in Action

The Creative Team

This team is made up of the most incredible people who are at the top of their field when it comes to what they do. I have already mentioned Hayden but you should also know that Hayden as well as being the Musical Director he is also going to conduct the orchestra in each performance on stage so he really has and will be putting everything he’s got into this show.

Dominic is the Assistant Musical Director and the reason we will sound perfect is because of him. Dom is so precise and pays such attention to detail that he doesn’t allow a note or syllable go untouched.

Stuart has produced the show but also has been heavy in the creative side, because of his list of credits as a director he has staged the majority of the show and in true Stuart style he makes sure that everything runs beyond smoothly and that every moment comes to life.

Sam is our choreographer and what she has created is so beautiful. Sam is an absolute credit to this show because the work and detail she has put in to the dance numbers and movement is just sensational – even if you can’t dance she will get the moves out of you and if the moves don’t come naturally then this girl will make sure your facial expression is doing it instead.

This team is amazing and it will be very clear to all in the audience just how much work they have put in to this production.

So that is the show I am currently in and about to do on stage! I don’t want to give away much more so if you want to know everything you will have to see it for yourself. The show will be on in the Bridewell Theatre on Fleet Street from July 30th to August 3rd here in London. The tickets are available through ticket source online and on the Centre stage website. I hope to see you all there and that you enjoy watching the show as much as I do being in it, I hope you can have the experience in theatre that this show was made for, and I hope you can appreciate how this show went from a chat over a drink to the masterpiece it is now.

Ticket Link:

Stay Boujee and See Centre Stage Proms xx

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