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Elsey in Chelsea - VanElse Launch

I was so happy to attend the Launch of VanElse at Cherry Moon in Chelsea this week. When I received the invite I was very eager to RSVP to this launch as I

am always so fascinated by high-end looks and daring runway pieces so to attend a launch for a designer that has mastered being both is right up my street. Red carpets, high-end fashion, and flashing lights is my kind of Friday. Kings Road is definitely one of my favourite places in London to be. I don't know what it is about Chelsea but its like it is its own little elite bubble and world. A lot of people feel its not for them as it feels very superior and just a bit too Boujee but me being me I obviously believe there is no such place and no where can be too Boujee. I get the same feeling in my heels on Kings Rd as I do in my Pyjamas in my house - the feeling of heaven and home, and the thought I ain't leaving ever!

African Fashion Week London where VanElse showcased the African inspired Collection

For those of you who are not familiar with VanElse, this is a luxury brand of clothes exclusively for women that was founded in 2012 by Dutch designer Else Hardjopawiro. The name VanElse means "from Else" which I find to be very fitting as each piece is almost like a gift. Since its founding VanElse has grown massively across Europe, South America and the US. In 2015 the brand launched its first ever collection which was inspired by African print so it made perfect sense for VanElse to showcase this collection at African Fashion Week here in London and in Barcelona. Since the original collection the brand has had continuous success and been accredited and seen in British Vogue and Elle magazine.

The launch was held at The Cherry Moon store on Kings Road in Chelsea as this is where the new collection will be available to buy for the next year. The Cherry Moon has housed many brands and I was very happy browsing amongst the VanElse collection for inspiration for future performances. I like to have some sort of say in what I wear on stage but a lot of the time a dress or gown is picked out for an Opera singer and the dress will be waiting at the performance venue to wear so if I can give any kind of reference to what I would like or a specific suggestion to what I have seen then I will.

The launch was a beautiful event and had such a warm and relaxed feel. It was a celebration after all and it was a Friday night so people were always going to be in a fun weekend mood. The champagne was on flow for all the guests as well as entree's to eat while everyone mingled and browsed. All of the original African inspired print was available to view and worn by some of the models. The fact these pieces are not made in mass like a lot of brand's is something I find to be so beautiful because it show's that these are not just items of clothing but proves that these are pieces of art.

The new Indonesian inspired collection

The collection itself is impeccable and true to the VanElse statement it remains to have its bold colour choice and unique style. The new collection that launched is inspired by an Indonesian pattern and the material is made in Indonesia by hand which is why these pieces are not available in mass order. All material and pattern is created and designed by hand by the local tailors. The attention to detail in each pattern and the precise stitching is truly a work of art. I love getting up close and personal with luxury brands to see if I can find a uniqueness in their craft, and VanElse like all the iconic designers & artists that came before her has achieved this.

Else having her moment on the red carpet

Else is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. She is so down to earth in nature and I had such a lovely time getting to know her and talk to her about her new line. I found her very inspiring because she spoke of how her dream was to launch her clothing in London, and she was so over whelmed and excited to see her work on Kings Road in Chelsea. While chatting that's where we joked and laughed, and came up with the hashtag #ElseyInChelsea. I urge everyone to go and visit The Cherry Moon while Else is there and meet the Goddess for yourself and see her masterpieces. I know VanElse will be a name everyone will know very soon and it will be truly deserved to become so established here in London. I wish Else all the luck and love that London has to offer and cant wait to see what happens next. Spread the word and share the news #ElseyInClelsea

Stay Boujee xx

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