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How to Brexit Your Summer Clothes: Basically What Should Remain For The Winter

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

I posted a picture recently on my Instagram of what I wore last Saturday and stated in the caption that I wore this outfit in the summer but in a different way. I have received so many DM’s since I posted it from people saying they would have never thought of reusing summer clothes in the winter. I am usually just as guilty of having a whole new wardrobe for winter but this year I decided I would take the more sustainable route by trying to salvage what I can for winter use too.

The Jumpsuit I wore last Saturday with Layers - I had a coat too but obviously took it off for the gram

So what has remained in my wardrobe from the Summer season and been Winterized?


Jump Suits

I have kept all of my jumpsuits in my wardrobe this winter and have simply done nothing more then add a top with sleeves underneath it and tights. During the summer I would wear my jumpsuits with bare legs and a Fedora Hat but in the winter I will be layering them up with different coloured tops/tshirts, Tights, and accessories.


Summer Dresses

The majority of people pack away their summer dresses (especially the floral prints) but like the jumpsuit all you need to do is layer it up and add some tights. A dress with some strappy sandals is a go-to in the summer but in the winter add some tights, ankle boots, and a cardigan - then its a whole new outfit.


Wrap Skirts

We all know I am a partial to the odd wrap skirt (lies- I bought every colour and print this year) and I usually pair a wrap skirt with a crop top and a comfy tennis shoe during the summer. I was about to put all of mine away for the Winter when I realised all I needed to do was ditch the crop top and add a polo neck and boots. I also plan on wearing my wrap skirts with my over sized jumpers for a more relaxed casual look.


Shirt dress

I only have one shirt dress that is made of a white linen like material so it is a very summery type of dress because it is so light (almost see through - oh well) so when I was sorting out my clothes I struggled with this item and thought that I really needed to put this one away but then I threw it down next to my Leather jacket and that’s when the epiphany happened - Shirt dress, vest underneath for an extra layer, leather jacket, belt, baker boy hat, and boots. The shirt dress is staying for the winter!! It could also be worn with some skinny jeans, a scarf, and some flat boots.


Crop Tops

To crop or not to crop is the real question of 2019! Brexit is a lost cause and borderline boring right now so I’d suggest focusing on your crop tops and whether they should stay or not - at least if you say they are going then they will actually go (lol if you don’t laugh about it you’ll cry). I decided my crop tops will remain for the winter because they are great for layering, and I also wear high- waist everything so for me they can still be used. I didn’t keep all of them in my wardrobe because I know I wont wear them all so I picked the ones that weren’t vibrant blow the head off ya neon summer colours.

NB: Please be aware if you are Irish, and your Mammy sees your middle area in the winter you will get a bollican and be told and I quote 'everything should come down over your arse in the winter or you'll get a kidney infection'.

Do you remember when your Mam and Nana would say 'if you start wearing tights now you have to wear them till April' - coz basically you'll die if you aren't consistent with layers throughout the Baltic Irish winter? I'm still Traumatised and scared to take my tights off before Spring out of fear of loosing a kidney or risk of hypothermia!!


Winter Essentials

To be realistic whatever you wore in the summer can be worn in winter (within reason) so long as you have a good coat and winter accessories. You just need to layer it up to stay warm when you are outside - but the majority of winter is spent indoors so you can still wear everything. I live for layers as you can tell, and I just add a winter coat and scarf to everything. I am also a grown woman who wears ear muffs but in my defence they are Ted Baker so I feel they will always be relevant. I love winter hats but when your hair is tied up you can’t wear hats without looking like a numpty (my step dads favourite word - feels adequate for this post HOWEVER last time I was home for Christmas he was wearing some sort of Australian Hat with a full beard walking around like Kiosk Keith from the outback so not very relevant for a fashion post) so the earmuff is the key here for keeping warm with an up do.


So there ya have it my simply guide to reusing some summer items in the winter. Sustainable fashion has many benefits not only to the old bank account but for the environment. We all have to do our bit so why not look fabulous while we do it!!

Speaking of fabulous...LOL

For those of you wondering what I meant by my step Dad looking like someone from the out back - You are all welcome!

Its hard to describe whats going on here but basically he had just been for a long distance cycle...on his return he was lifting bags of coal and it was raining so the hat happened...I took the picture while he was mid convo with my Mam coz I thought that no one will ever believe this hat!

Stay Boujee xxx

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