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How To: Do Black Friday

I would be lying if I said Black Friday means nothing to me because I absolutely love it. Whether it's just stuff for you or your Christmas gifts it can be such an enjoyable day, but there are tricks to it so that you benefit as much as possible from the BF deals. Going in blind would lead to me having a stroke so over the years I have adapted a very simple system and plan divided into sections. A lot of it is obvious, but Black Friday is designed to entice you into all kinds of directions where at the end of the day you have nothing on your original list and a mountain of deliveries on the way. This is fine too of course, but for me it's about sticking to the plan and then going rogue.

Below I have put together my way of doing BFD which I find efficient. It may not be your way or of any use to you, but there might be something you can take from it.


Step One - Know what you need/want

Like I said going in blind is a hell no for me unless there is nothing specific I want and I am just here for whatever I like and whatever pops up, but that just gets out of control. I need a list and structure! I make a list of everything I want/need - like things I've been eyeing up for months, things that will need replacing soon, and things I have planned to get as Christmas gifts. I (shamefully) do up a spreadsheet of everything I am looking for because I find a list to be the easiest thing to work from. I start my list early November and add to it as I go. That is just how I do it, but if you don’t have a list DON’T PANIC you can sit down later and write it up. If it's a Christmas gift for someone or it's not a specific item I put that on my “Improv List” so for example I will have on my improv list “something for Adam” or “Outfit for the Christmas party” it's not specific, but I am aware that as I am browsing the sales that I need something for Adam etc. - I don’t buy the first thing I see because I'd hate to go with the first thing and then see something better later… so on the improv list I have a little section beside the person's name or what it's for so I can add what I see and then decide later which is best (but not too much later if it feels right - Do it).


Step two - Research

I spend the week up to Black Friday researching the items that I want via Brand/Shop and then I chose my top 3 so that on the day whichever is the best deal I will go with that.

For e.g. if it is skincare products or a hair straightener, I will research what's the best, who has the best reviews, and what is best suited to me - when I narrow it down to my top 3, I then add them in the column next to the items name.

I then do the most important column “what the price is now” Did you know that a lot of Black Friday deals are not real? Did you know that a lot of the time the price doesn't actually go down? Did you know that sometimes it will say 'reduced to £45 was £65' - but it was never ever £65?!!! Yes, that is a very common thing to happen and I personally know people who work in this business and their job is to mark the prices up so they can come down for Black Friday!! Don’t be a twat! As soon as you know the items you are looking for you NEED to check what those prices are NOW and then on the day cross reference what you wrote on your list to what's on the screen. You would not believe the number of items I saw last year that said X amount off - but nothing had changed from a few days before!


Step three - Enjoy it When you have your list to work off and aren't being made a fool of with price lies it can be such a great day. I have my budget in place and work from that… but also if I see something that I like I just buy it! I try not to get too side-tracked by it all because it's very easy be tempted by things not on the list, but that is why I have the improv section on my list of nonspecific items so that when something pops up and the obsession is real, I just buy it. Over the last few years, I have taken the day off - I wasn’t going to this year as I am home, but I decided to take it off and enjoy the day like I always do. I will get up when I’m ready, grab a coffee somewhere, start working my way through my list, order in lunch, spend the day arguing with myself over what I do and do not need, but know deep down I'll get it either way once the list is all ticked off.


This year has been a hard one for most so if there is something you really want or have been looking at for a while - just treat yourself and make the purchase! Even if it's just one small thing I think you should get it.. and if you're not able to get it or simply can't afford it then stick it on your Wishlist for Christmas - everything on trend will be algorithmized your way - so if you're not working from a list for Black Friday then start on your list for Christmas. Happy Black Friday! Stay Boujee, Stay Smart, and Stay Safe xxx

Extra Tip: The shops you are subscribed to or look at the most will email you discounts throughout the day or flash up on your social media so always keep an eye on those. Algorithm is a bit of a Hoe at the best of times, but realistically it knows you and gives the people what they want so just embrace it!

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