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How To Dress Expensive Without Having to Sell a Kidney

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Have you ever wanted to know how to dress chic and look like your clothes are expensive without having to promise your first born child to Alexander McQueen? If so then this is the "How to" blog post for you.

Boujee Tip: When you are buying heels always buy half a size bigger than your actual shoe size because your feet will swell if you are wearing them for long periods of time or walking a lot. The half size bigger gives you the space to allow for the swelling and not leave you marked from the shoe and you will last longer in them on a night out.

People regularly ask me how much do I spend on clothes? and do I always wear designer? The answer is absolutely not. My basic wardrobe is made up of High street brands but I do like to pair my basic wardrobe with some designer pieces too so I would say I am a mixer. Designer is not for everyone which I completely understand and unless you have a good eye for designer pieces, and their specific details and stitching technique then you aren’t going to really know the difference between what you bought in Dior and what you bought in a high street shop. The trick is in the style itself and the items you buy that make your outfit look Chic and expensive.

So with that in mind I have put together some tips that I have picked up over the years and what I do to make my basic wardrobe look high end:

Tailored Pieces and fitting:

Nothing makes you look as sloppy and unpolished as clothing that does not fit. Yes, some styles are meant to be oversized and it’s a trend (that I love BTW) but it’s very obvious when someone is just wearing something that is too big and that it’s not just the oversized trend. There’s a distinct difference in something that is over sized and something that just doesn’t fit you. When your clothes fit you and you are wearing the right size for your shape and frame you automatically look like someone who has their life together…but when you don’t you’re a hot mess!

Long Coats

The long coat is a consistent go-to for me. Yeah, I also have short leather, denim, and fur coats but sometimes to achieve a chicer look then the answer is as simple as a long coat. A long coat makes your outfit look far more put together and elegant. Sometimes a long coat with something as casual as jeans and runners (trainers in UK/Gym shoes in the US) can look really classy and effortless.

A structure bag

My bag is something I will always spend that extra bit of money on because it is something I am never without - especially during the week. On the weekend or if I’m just popping out I will have a high street type of bag (usually a clutch or a cross body bag) but as my every day bag it will always be a neutral coloured bag that compliments the majority of my wardrobe and is very structured and sturdy. If you want to look polished and have an expensive look then for heaven'sake stay away from slouchy handbags and sports bags.

A Boujee FYI: In London a backpack is a very common thing but you really don’t have to settle for a school bag looking one or a sports bag- there are so many trendy and stylish back packs available in all price ranges and size so you don’t have to compromise your look for convenience.

The French Tuck

The French tuck is a huge factor in the high end look – for those of you who don’t know what a French tuck is – fear not my Boujee babe! A French tuck is a way that you tuck your top in to your bottoms. If you are wearing a loose (but tailored!!! Always tailored!) top or shirt then you should tuck it in to give you some kind of silhouette. Some clothing is not for tucking in which I get but in this case to achieve this look then the Classic tuck or French tuck is a must. It instantly gives you a clean and presentable appearance.

The shoe of all shoes

Boujee Blog reader meet the pointy toed court shoe. Pointy toed court shoe meet Boujee Blog reader…and now you are best friends and should always be there for each other. There is a reason that Miranda Priestly in the Devil wears Prada made it mandatory office wear for all her staff to be in heels with a point. The pointy toed court shoe pulls every outfit together and automatically says you mean business. These bad boys elongate your legs, show you’ve made effort in your look, and they simply just look great no matter what height heel or colour.

If I could leave something as my legacy, it would be this:

“Always have a heel in the bottom drawer of your desk or in the back seat of your car”

This is the gospel according to Kaylen Rose and I stand by it. I always travel in flats but in my drawer at work there is a pair of heels and when I leave the house in heels there is a pair of flats in my bag. One of the most common sites on a tube in London is the girl changing her shoes because she ran in to the tube station and down all those steps but by you best believe that she will glide and strut out of of it.


I don’t know how or when the sunglasses fiasco began, I guess its related back to celebrities always wearing them as a “look at me but don’t look at me” statement but it definitely caught on and stuck. Sunglasses are probably my biggest addiction when it comes to purchases. They technically should have a practical reason for been worn but for me I do not need a reason to wear them and don’t care if it is sunny or not. I do think everyone should invest in decent sunglasses that actually do what they are made for and then have your cheaper cute ones as an accessory or on days you don’t need the UV protection.

Not just the clothes

Clothes may be the main statement in how you pull off an expensive look but you can’t just wear the clothes and not make any other effort in any other department. Your hair should always be done and your face have something on it even if it’s just some BB cream and mascara then at least you look fresh (even the barn door looks better painted). Chipped nails to me are traumatising, like if you’re going to do it then do it and maintain. It really only takes 2 minutes to run over your nails when they are chipped or snagged. No one expects you to leave your house with a full face every day (that’s also traumatising to me) but it really can be as simple as some moisturiser, a bit of red lippy, and tying your hair back in a low bun.


I love me some ghetto gold or statement jewellery when pulling a look together. I like wearing lots of bangles, a choker or some tassel earrings (I live for it). However, when you are going for a more expensive or chic look then its best to stick to some classic choices like a watch or subtle gold pieces. Avoid plastic bangles and chokers if you want to look sophisticated and expensive. Simplicity and daintiness are your guides on this topic.

You'll make the Style Gods cry

There are no rules when it comes to style or fashion but sometimes there are guidelines and categories when you want to pull off certain looks- it’s just about finding the way to do it that is still you. You have to put your stamp on it, and add your own personal flare whatever that may be. If you aren’t sure still on exactly what to do, then here are a list of hell no’s:

1. Avoid clothing with rips, stains or holes in them

2. Avoid non classic prints (like Aztec and Dip Dye)

3. Avoid clothing that is too small (nothing and no print looks good stretched)

4. Always blend make up in to your neck and wear the right shade

5. Avoid clothing with slogans across the arse (please)

6. Active wear is for when you are active (get a grip seriously)

7. Pyjamas are for when you are at home not nipping to Tesco (I’d rather you wore the active wear).

Nothing I have mentioned above as the dos or don’ts require a massive budget or spending your entire salary on designer items. Everything on the list can be found in all high street shops and look as expensive and high end as you want them too – it’s all in the way you wear it and the confidence you have in believing that you look a million bucks.

Stay Boujee xx

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