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How To: Maintain A Boujee Beauty Routine

I have received quite a few requests lately asking me to share my beauty routine so I have put it together for you. I have no shame in admitting the amount of time and effort I put into self-maintenance. Some people may see it as vanity which is fine (you’re wrong) but to me it’s just self-care and something I actually enjoy doing. It’s also a fact that if you keep a routine than it’s a lot less time then you would think it takes to do regular maintenance because if it is done often then usually you will just be topping up from the previous time you did it. I have a weekly schedule that I stick to but some nights have to be alternated because I may have things on so on a Sunday I always plan out my week and schedule everything like meals, socials, events, and what night I can do each of my beauty regimes.

It may sound like a lot of work and for anyone who knows me then you already know I’m a creature of habit so it’s easy for me to stick to a routine but I can assure you it’s very easy follow and just a case of listing what needs to be done and when you can do it.

Tip: Plan your week while doing a face mask - This is my happy place!

Planning is everything!

The first step for me is planning what needs to be done and split them all in to categories like daily, weekly monthly etc. This is a crucial step for me otherwise nothing would ever be done. I know some people will say and have said “Oh it’s easy for you because you don’t have kids or anyone to worry about but yourself” that’s a fair assumption to make but it’s pure and utter bulls**t. I work full time (sometimes 6 days a week), I can also have rehearsals 3 times per week, and have to attend random singing lessons at ENO or performances – so no offence but using the motherhood card does not sit well with me because I know full well that every person no matter how busy you are that you can always spare 10 minutes. There is nothing wrong with having some time to yourself and doing something that makes you feel and look good.


My Boujee Beauty Bible


Moisturiser: Skin care is probably the most vital thing you can do in a beauty routine. Every professional will tell you that if you can only do one thing then make sure it’s looking after your skin. When I get up in the morning before I make my breakfast or start getting ready for work I pop my shellfish allergy medication and put on some day moisturiser. While the cream is setting in I usually then just sit on my bed for 10 minutes trying to get my life together.

Makeup: I am a HUGE make up addict! Always have been and always will be. I don’t wear a full face every day but most days I would have my make up on. I do let my skin breath as much as I can so on those days after I apply my morning moisturiser I simply apply some tinted BB cream and some mascara. BB cream takes 2 minutes to apply, gives full coverage, and an instant glow. This is a life saver because it makes me look like I’ve made some effort but it’s just tinted moisturiser so my skin is able to breath which really is needed sometimes.

Make up removal: It is not a myth you really should take your make up off properly at the end of every day. People think make up removal products can be expensive but they really don’t have to be. My favourite makeup remover for eye makeup is a Boots brand. I have tried and tested all of them at this rate and found that one actually lifts all of the eye makeup (even mascara).

Skin care routine: At night before I go to bed I use a cleanser, toner, and night cream. It takes five minutes to do all 3. If you were to spend money on any product I would suggest getting a decent night cream and focus on the type your skin needs. My skin is oily on my T-zone but would be dry on my cheeks so I use a night cream for combination skin.


Tan prep: I call this night "Wack it off Wednesday". On a Wednesday night the shower I have is very violent and aggressive. To prep before tan night I remove any leftover tan, exfoliate my skin, and become bald from the lashes down! so when I say I practically sandpaper my skin to have it ready to tan the next day- I mean it! The prep shower is not for the faint hearted but it is the best feeling once it’s done. Then my skin is ready for "Tan & Tint Thursday".

Tan: For fitness people Thursday is leg day but for us beauty people Thursday is tan day. I have a quick shower to wash off the day, apply my skin primer all over, and then I do my tan. I do a full body tan every Thursday night and then put on my dark purple dressing gown while its setting. Tan is not what it was years ago -it doesn’t have a bad smell or come out orange! Nowadays all tan is coloured so you won’t miss a spot or end up streaky. I leave my tan on overnight which is why I can’t have nice white sheets, and then on Friday morning I jump in the shower with my shower cap on for two minutes and rinse it off then I am good to glow for the weekend.

Brow Tint: The tint side of my Thursday is my brows. I do them weekly while my tan is setting. I put the brown tint on using a brow brush and leave it for 2-3 hours. Then it peels off in one go leaving me with full filled in brows that I don't have to maintain. I will only go over my brows because I love a striking & strong brow so I still fill them in a little so that they are perfectly defined.

Hair Tint: This is not for everyone just those who need to use purple or blue shampoo to keep their hair silver/ash blonde. I find that using these shampoos consistently dry my hair out so once a week or even every two weeks I put the shampoo in and leave it in for 30-45 min. This is something I figured out myself and it really works. Silver hair usually only lasts a few washes but when I want my hair silver it stays silver from doing this. I just lather up my hair, tie it in a bun and put a shower cap on while I’m wandering about the house (so sexy right?). Then I wash it out and my hair looks like I have just had a tonner put in - I know! I’m like a genius!

Face Mask: Oh how I love my facemasks! I do one good facemask per week and it is always a facemask by Lush cosmetics UK. A facemask takes no effort and is so relaxing while I am just watching Netflix or making lists. I sometimes make my own but now that Lush have their own Lab for making fresh facemasks (so fresh they need to be kept in the fridge) I don’t see the need to make my own. Facemask time is my happy time. I love to do it while I’m relaxing at home and just take 30 minutes for myself. I always feel restarted & rebooted after a facemask.


Nails: This is my obsession and deepest addiction. I can never NOT have my nails done it is just part of who I am really. Believe it or not my nails are actually my own length I just get over lays put on top of them so they don’t break. I don’t get any fake tips put on for length but of course by some traumatic event if I end up breaking a nail then I have to get a tip for a few weeks until my own nail grows back. My nails are filled in every 3 weeks like clockwork on a Sunday afternoon and every 2 months I’ll have them all taken off, nails treated, and have a fresh layer of acrylic put on. My nails are always coffin shaped, and I always get shellac on top so it doesn’t chip (its nicer anyway and you can see the difference). While I’m at the salon I would usually get an express Pedi too (I get the luxury ones in the summer as that’s when I would be wearing strappy sandals or open toed shoes.

Hair treatment: Once a month I would always do a hair treatment of some kind depending on what my hair needs. This month my hair seems a bit dull so I will use a treatment to give it some extra shine. I usually just buy these treatments from Superdrug or from a salon as I don’t feel the need to have it done every month in a salon but sometimes I would nip into the salon for a deep conditioning hair mask if I need too.

Boujee Tip: I am a consistent user of coconut oil in my hair before I take a dryer to it! Just a few drops on wet hair is all you need!


Body scrub: I swear by this treatment and think it is the best thing since Beyoncé’s on stage wind machine. I get a body scrub done every 2/3 months. If you don’t think it’s needed, then don’t bother but if you were to ever get one done do it before you go on holiday. A body scrub is pretty much someone else exfoliating your skin for you from top to toe. You will lay down on the table (how much dignity you want is up to you) with or without a towel and the beauty therapist will do the rest. A lot of people ask if it’s a really intense scrub down with like a brillo pad but I can assure you it is just an exfoliating mitt and usually a salt or grainy like mixture that is rubbed into your skin. This removes all dead skin so when you are on holiday you aren’t tanning the skin you are about to shed so your tan will be deeper and last a lot longer as it’s the a fresh layer of skin that is left after the scrub.

Hair colour & Cut: This one is different for everyone as everyone’s hair is different and some don’t even colour their hair (weird). For me I need mine done every 4 months because my hair is naturally dark blonde so when I go lighter the roots take a while to make it look obvious (TBH - I also like the root look). Also due to my hair tint night (see above) I get a lot longer out of my colour and do no damage to my hair what so ever. I usually only have my hair cut twice a year but every now and then I get the hairdresser to take a good few inches off. Longer hair takes more effort to keep healthy but less maintenance when it comes to cutting etc. I get it’s not always the best option for everyone but for me its what suits best.

Massage: This doesn’t really count as a beauty regime but I make it my business to have a massage as often as I can. I do this for my mind & body - I am a firm believer that it is something that should be part of your routine if it’s possible. I do it for my mind and body because it’s the only time I really switch off from the cosmopolitan city life and it always puts me in such a good mind frame. I also find it beneficial for my leg injury (ruptured Achilles survivor), my knee (dislocated knee survivor) and also for my back (it’s just a hot mess). If you are thinking of having a massage you should research the type of one you need and that will be most beneficial to you. I do love having a simple Swedish massage for relaxation but I know to reap the benefits I need to have Tui Na, Traditional Thai, or when I’m feeling brave a deep tissue. Do your research and just book one! You will not regret it.


And that is my Boujee Beauty Bible! I know It may seem like an awful lot but when its planned out and split into categories it really takes up very little time. Half of the issue with a lot of people is just doing it. We can all spare a few minutes every day and it really is just a case of doing it. A lot of these things I do while I’m relaxing so it really has no impact on my day at all. I know some women who maintain everything while being a mother to 3 AND pulling a 9 to 5 (you women are Goddesses by the way) so there really is always time to take a moment for yourself and have a little self-care time.

“If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an Amen up in here”? -Mama Ru


My list of go to brands & products

Moisturiser: Vitamin E Moisture Cream, £13, The body Shop

Make up Remover: Cucumber Eye Makeup Remover Gel, £1.50, Boots

Night Cream: Clarins Multi active Night Cream, £44.00, John Lewis

Cleanser: We heart Coconut Cleanser, £4.99, Superdrug

Toner: Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner, £1.50, Superdrug

BB Cream: Garnier original light BB cream, £5.00, Superdrug

Exfoliator: Sanctuary Spa Classic Body Scrub, £6.50, Superdrug

Mitt: Spaa Exfoliating Wash Mitt, £3.99, Superdrug

Skin Primer: Skinny Tan Pre Tan Primer, £9.99 Superdrug

Tan: St Moritz Medium Foam, £4.99 or Coco Brown 1hr Instant Tan, £7.99, Superdrug

Brow Tint: Revolution Brow Tint Dark Brown, £5.00, Superdrug

Hair Tint: ProVoke Touch of Silver Shampoo, £2.19, Superdrug

Facemask: Any fresh facemask pot by Lush, £8.50, Lush Cosmetics UK

Hair Treatment: Maui Moisture Hair Mask, £5.99, Superdrug

Coconut Oil: Inecto Natural Divine Shine, £5.90, Amazon

My List of Hair & Beauty Salons in London

Nails: Skye Nails & Beauty, Archway London

Spray Tan or Waxing: Beautiful Salon, Archway London

Brow Bar: Benefit Cosmetics Salon, Angel London

Hair Salon: Foster London in Shoreditch/Dalston or Azalea in Highgate London

Facial: Vanity Style, Archway London

Body Scrub: Total X-Cape, Holloway London

Massage: Flower Thai Massage, Highgate or Total X-Cape, Holloway

Stay Boujee xx

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