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How To: Plan a Whole Week of Outfits in 5 minutes

I put up an Instagram picture the other day of how I was Outfit planning for everything that’s coming up in the next few weeks, and even though that’s just a normal thing for me to do and thought nothing of it I received several messages from people asking me questions along the lines of -  What exactly I do to outfit plan? What does my planning consist of? and how long does it take? So being the ever so overly accommodating person that I am I put it together in a "How To" Blog post for you all.

I think the one thing we all say or similarity we do have is that we are all busy. We are busy working, running a household, socialising, attending events, rehearsals, blogging – the list is endless of what needs to be done! But planning out your wardrobe for the week and outfit planning can help a lot with your crazy schedule and can be really fun.


It really only takes 5 minutes to plan all of your outfits for the week and these are the list of things that I do:

1. Have a think about what the week ahead and what you have on. Do you have important meetings? Do you have date night? Are you going to brunch? Do you have after work Cocktails? Most of the things we have on we already know about in advance so its usually pretty easy to have a good concept of what is coming up.

2. Seriously check the weather just because its summer does not mean its summer and then you are the twat walking to work wearing a sundress in the p**sing rain. Check the weather it is 99% accurate and then base your choices of clothing on what the weather says.

3. It probably goes without saying but you should have clean clothes and be sure that the ones you need are not sitting in the end of your washing basket or at the dry cleaners. So when adding a specific item to your plan just double check its good to go.

4. Start laying out a plan for what you will need so you can build on that.

For e.g.

-Two dresses

-Two skirts

-Two Pants

-Four Tops/blazers

By basing a plan with these items you will have variety every week and wont become someone who always wears a blouse and pants combo. Don’t be afraid of colour or patterns the more the better but if you like to keep it simple then add accessories or colour pop with a shoe or/and bag.

5. Decide on each outfit and write it down somewhere. Most people will just stick it into their phone but I am the weirdo who has a weekly outfit planner. (It was a spreadsheet but I knew that was grim and changed it to the planner)

6. Choose your accessories and plan your shoes. Accessories can be as simple as some statement earrings or some bangles so don’t think you have to have a 52 inch bow on your head that matches the zip on your skirt it just has to be a little something extra to jazz your outfit up a bit. When choosing shoes make sure they are comfortable and appropriate for whatever it is your are doing.

7. Choose a cardigan or small jacket that will go with what you are wearing and that you can just fold and pop in to your handbag in case its a little colder then you thought it would be. (I have a grey flowy cardigan that I roll up in my bag because it goes with everything).

8. Have a back up outfit for a random last minute plan. Especially when you are living in London or have a life where last minute things can happen. It doesn't have to be couture or an emergency trip to a shop it can be as simple as a blazer and a court shoe with a matching bag. You may not use the outfit for weeks but at least you know its there.

Video: A week of Outfits

And that’s it! Doing these steps every Sunday evening and taking the five minutes to do them can save you a lot of time and panic in the mornings during the week. It also allows you to hit the snooze button because you know exactly what you are putting on once you get up. Win!

Stay Boujee xx

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