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Living the Life of Luxury (and so are you)

Updated: May 26, 2020

I don’t know about you but I have loved my first week of Quarantine, working from home, and social distancing. Maybe because I work in Education and remained a little bit longer at work then anticipated that the luxury of staying at home and being safe was something I was desperate for and fully appreciated before it became a luxury of mine… because that is exactly what it is an absolute luxury. People ranting and raving about been locked away and having nothing to do are honestly getting me through this whole thing because I laugh hysterically all day every day at what I read and hear.

A few weeks ago I was completely wound up and having a Canary over how outrageous people were being and the MADNESS I was reading but now I am passed that and have factored it into a key part of my day. I get up, I have breakfast, I work, and I do what I like to call 'Tosser Spotting'. It may sound like I’m actively looking for something negative but trust me its so good just scrolling through Social Media and Articles reading posts and comments, and coming across such idiocy that you loudly say “Tosser” - I was going to invent a game to play online with friends where they take a shot whenever we read something that is beyond crazy - but sure they’d all be dead.

This is such an opportunity having all of this time, and for the first time in our lives it is perfectly acceptable to do absolutely nothing. I can fully understand how people can have an off day and loose it a bit (just like I am sure I will have one of those day too at some point) because adjusting to a new routine is hard but like I keep saying it is a Luxury! None of us have been asked to go stand on the front line or being ripped out of our homes with 5 minutes to pack a bag! We are simply being asked to stay at home so that we don’t assist in the spreading of a virus that is killing people, and to just be be safe.. so I am beyond grateful for that.

I sound like I am being quite negative but I am very positive right now because I have no reason not to be. There are thousands of people really sick and dying every day while I am safe and sound watching Disney Plus so for me to complain or have a negative outlook would be ridiculous. My family are all healthy, my friends are being safe, my house has everything I could possible need, and I have so much time - TIME the one thing that has been robbed from those who have died, and the one thing that the people who have lost someone would give up everything they have for just one more minute with them.

Tips & Tricks

See and use this time for what it is - a blessing! 
Social distance but don’t be distant! 
Stock your fridge but don’t stock pile! 
This isn’t about you this is about “us”
What we are doing is nothing compared to what others have done or will have to do!
Read that book! Light those candles! Put on that fake tan! Do absolutely nothing if that’s what you want!
Stop complaining because its not going to change anything but the day you could have had. 

I know this is a scary time but all we can do is get through it together by supporting the Healthcare workers, and following the rules that have been set. In a few months time everything will be back to normal and hopefully we will never take the lives we have for granted again. Look at It from the perspective that Mother Nature/God/Allah/Buddha or whoever/whatever you worship is hitting pause and the reset button.

Stay Boujee & Stay Safe xxx

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