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My Boujee Birthday

So as you all know from my Instagram my birthday has come and gone but I did not get a chance to really say how I spent the day. I have received so many messages from people asking what I did for the day and where did I go etc. Its taking me 2 weeks to get a minute to write about how the day went because I also had my show to do straight after so I am still not feeling Human just yet but for everyone messaging and asking me about my birthday and for my own personal memory - this is how the day went.

Embracing the London Eye after a huge shock

Started the day off right - in bed eating cake! I will always be 8 years old.

The Morning

This did not exactly go to plan because my Mam text me the night before to say that my present was in the post and could fit in the letter box so when I arrived home from a pre-birthday dinner at my favourite Italian ‘Fabrizios’ there was a cute little pink package waiting. I as always decided to wait to open it until the morning because that is in fact the rules. So when I woke up at 7am I decided to sneak out to the kitchen and have a cheeky one present opening- and chose the cute little pink package. You can only imagine my disappointment when it wasn’t actually a present from my Mam but a box of Tampon and Pads from a company who wanted me to use their product and post it on my Instagram. As much as I like to receive products and items to try this was not ideal! To be fair I got over it and laughed a lot thinking that’s what I get for trying to sneak in a present off plan. After eating my chocolate M&S (shout out to Beth) caterpillar cake for breakfast then I opened my mountain of presents which I can confirm are still in bags all over my house. I am not even joking when I say a mountain of presents like the amount of gifts I received from Family & Friends was insane (but obviously a mountain coz I’m adorable AF). Then while I got ready I received a huge bouquet of flowers from my Aunt and Uncle.

The London Eye & Surprise

Earlier in the week my 11-year-old sister Heather decided that her gift to me would be to send me a ticket to go on the London eye - I know! Weird child! Just send me some Dior perfume or Yankee candle like sisters are supposed to do. So I set off early on the hottest day in London History and went to the London eye. When I arrived my Mam called me to wish me a Happy Birthday but when she was on the phone she said “she loved my dress”??? naturally being the millennial that I am I responded with “what? I didn’t even put it on Instagram yet! Oh I’m sorry are you on a video call?” so while I tried to connect the ‘video call’ from my end that is when my family walked up beside me!!!!!!! I got such a surprise I almost died next to a river full of plague. It was the nicest surprise I have ever had and couldn’t believe they managed to plot such a thing without me knowing. I then went on the London eye with my family and eventually calmed down from my near death experience.


After the London Eye (which was amazing btw) we all then went for lunch and cocktails in South Bank where my Mam then gave me my actual presents (not pads and tampons). My Mam & Step Dad got me the necklace by the Irish designer Chuppi that I had been eyeing up for months, my Aunt Sharon sent me a bottle of Champagne from her family and dogs, and my Aunt Nicola sent me a present with a card where she wrote down the story of how she was waiting in the garden for me to arrive in Ireland after I was born in Cambridge. She said she was telling anyone that passed by that I was coming and she was so proud that she was my Aunt, and now 30 years later she is still doing it! So naturally I spent the afternoon crying into my Mojito. I always knew that my Family would go to any lengths for me and that they are proud of me but to have it in writing after a huge surprise of course had me emotionally unstable for the day (what’s new).

That Evening

My Fam bam went back to their Hotel while Keith and I went to Victoria for more Cocktails and the big birthday plan – Hamilton! I had already seen Hamilton but when asked how I wanted to spend the night of my birthday well Hamilton was the only answer for me. For those who don’t know me on a personal basis you should know that I cannot handle Hamilton! I loose my shit over this musical and cannot deal with its brilliance. I of course have other and actual favourites but Hamilton is in a different category for me. Spotify revealed last year that I spent just over 547 hours listening to it in 2018 – that’s on average of 1.5 hours per day! Is that kind of sad? – probably! But I live for it and if I saw Lin Manuel in person I am capable of killing him just so my name will be associated with his forever (ok that’s exaggerated but I have clearly thought about it). Hamilton was even better this time because the last time I was so nervous but this time I already knew it was incredible so I could just embrace it. Just like the afternoon I spent the evening crying too because the second I hear the phrase “Alexander Hamilton my name is Alexander Hamilton” in the opening number I am just gone! My stomach flips, my eyes well up, my throat tightens, the hair stands up on the back of my neck, and can actually feel my heart beat I my chest. It was 3 hours filled with pure bliss followed then by midnight dinner in Chinatown (Lotus Garden is my go to restaurant in China town).

and that was it...

I went home then and completely passed out on my new designer pillow from John Lewis that I got as a present (best present ever). I spent the next 3 days with my family and bringing my sister to all my favourite places. It was the nicest weekend and I loved every minute of it. My family left then on the Sunday evening and I went straight to the Bridewell theatre where the cast had been since 8am getting the theatre ready for show week and rehearsing with the orchestra. So like I said it’s been hectic the last 2 weeks with my birthday and the show but it’s been amazing! My family returned to London to see the show too so I got an extra hit of my Fam Bam last week.

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday the most perfect day, and to the cast of Centre Stage Proms who did all the heavy lifting while I was having brunch.

Sorry but I’m Boujee and don’t do Theatre get in’s!! (or outs thanks to my recent master class with JLC) xxx

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