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My London Life Story

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

This is me posing as candid as possible while waiting to attend one of my favourite things to do in London - Hit up a Vintage Kilo Sale

When I first moved and why

I moved to London almost 4 years ago. I moved here to study #Opera singing at the Royal Academy of Music. While I studied I worked full time as a Nanny just like Mary Poppins but my bag was #designer not full of furniture, so for the first year here my life was work and studying.

When I first moved I like most people in London rented a room in an apartment while finding my feet and figuring out where I wanted to live. My first home here was in Peckham which I would not recommend as your first address. I was absolutely TERRIFIED living there. This was not due to my #boujee lifestyle aspiration; it was because I lived in a very bad neighbourhood.

After 3 months living in fear (I know! and I am aware of how theatrical I am) I decided enough was enough and moved to North London. This is where I settled and where I consider my first London home to be

"I am aware of how theatrical I am"

Our First Home

I moved into my Boujee London Home in August 2015 and I am still living there now. I spent quite some time looking for the perfect place and once I viewed it I put the deposit down within two hours - that is something no one prepares you for in London. In London there is nothing more stressy than finding a place to live because once you have the option to live there you have to be ready to #slay and pay. Time and contemplation is not a luxury you get in London while house hunting. However, it was worth the risk because where we live is so beautiful. We are 10 minutes from the tube station, live in a really quiet and peaceful area, and the area is all about #brunch and #parks.

Finding my feet and family

One of the best things (for me) about living in London is not just living on the #Westends door step but there are endless opportunities to perform here. After my studies and before my injury break from the stage I found a society that led to me finding my best #friends, having a home away from home, and been signed to a major opera company. Joining a society is something I would recommend for everyone to do if you are in any way "stagey"... you don't have to be a performer to join a Musical Theatre Society, you can be involved in so many ways from directing to backstage crew to costumes etc. London can be very #lonely when you don't know anybody and like any cosmopolitan city the more people around you the more alone you can feel. My advice would be "take the leap" and just make friends in the circle and hobby you are most comfortable in - it may be strange at first just rocking up to some event with no friends but BELIEVE ME when I say that 50% of the people at the event are looking for their #tribe too.

"London can be very lonely"

London Social Life

After sometime like most people living here in London you tend to do all your socials during the week so that your weekends can just be for down time. During the week is when I get all my #gym sessions in, catch up with #friends, see a show, go to rehearsals, and run errands. I still see friends on the weekends and have rehearsals sometimes but I really try to leave my weekends free for #markets, #nail days, #brunch, and being flat out #Boujee.

My Boujee London Life

I really do #love my life and living in #London. I know I am really lucky to have the life I live and know I belong in a city. All my family live in #Ireland and it is a sacrifice to not see them all of the time but I know it was the right decision. Mentally and physically I could never adapt to small town life. It's just not who I am. Maybe one day I will decide to go home but I really can’t see myself in a small town life. If that's the life you want then by all means live it #hunty! but for me I like living in the madness, having endless opportunities to grasp, and being as Boujee as my instagram will allow.

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