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No! I'm the Pink Ranger!

It is the week of my birthday, so I thought it fitting to write a little blog post about what I feel has been an area of growth and development in the last year. I want to say that ‘sure I appreciate the small things a lot more and that I value the people in my life more than ever’, but I think all that is a given because if the last year and a half has not triggered that mindset then I am not really sure what you’ve been up to. This week I have been thinking a lot about when I was little and how if anyone even attempted to make me the Yellow Power Ranger, I would have an absolute Canary about it! Under no circumstance would I be the Yellow Ranger, and I would completely remove myself from the Power Rangers game if I was not the Pink Ranger. Do I sound like a brat? Probably! Should I have compromised and took turns of being the Pink Ranger? Seems fairer that way, right?!


This has led to me genuinely questioning the lack of self-worth I see all around me. Every where I look on social media its endless posts about how we should never compromise our own happiness for someone else’s, or simply settle for anything less than what we want – YET it is bred into us as children to do it, to be left there feeling miserable because you had to compromise your happiness for someone else to feel better.

Now here we all are as adults trying to revert the damage that this specific childhood habit and mindset has left us with. I know you are probably thinking ‘oh but it’s a good lesson as a child to be fair, take turns, and not always get there own way’ in many ways of course that is the right thing to do and great lessons to learn, but I have to say I am completely against it based on the fact that I am surrounded by people who compromise their own happiness and who they want to be for something or someone else, and I am a firm believer that not being the Pink Ranger was the beginning of the life long pattern.

I know that anyone who knows me is thinking ‘Of course Kaylen would never back down, she’s still spoilt, always stamping her feet, and has a severe case of Princess Syndrome’ LOL! All safe assumptions and completely accurate – everything in my life is on my terms and always will be! Why? Because it is MY LIFE! I am responsible for how it plays out and the role I want to play in it. Fun Fact! – In my life I will always play the lead role! I did not back down in 1994 when I wanted to be the Pink Ranger, and in 2021 you will not find be doing anything or being anything that I don’t to!

After saying all the above the one thing I will follow up with and try to make my main point is this – no one ever suggested that there can be two pink rangers!! Sure, the Power Rangers only has one Pink Ranger, but its just a little game that you can play however you want. No Adult ever turned around mid-childhood bitch fit and said to the kids “You can all be the Pink Ranger” and THAT to me is where the problem is! The solution never involved everyone being happy and getting what they wanted, it was always one person getting it (yup most likely me), and the rest feeling sad and having to compromise.

So much of ‘Self Worth’ is built and based on comparison and compromise. People compare themselves to one and other and then decide they are just the yellow ranger which then leads to bitterness and resentment towards the Pink Ranger because the Pink Ranger is then just a reflection of what you want to be and a constant reminder of what you are not. The one thing we all must remember is this – In your life its up to you to be the Pink Ranger and if you end up being the Yellow one than that its completely on you!

We can all be the Pink Ranger! And the only way to stop being the yellow one is by removing the comparison and the compromising. If you believe you are a pink ranger until a fellow pink ranger walks into the room automatically making you the yellow one FYI that is you comparing and lowering your self-worth, and if you find yourself wanting to be the Pink Ranger but feel it is just easier to be the Yellow one - that is you compromising your own happiness and settling!


There are multiple shades of Pink! I know I am one of them! Are you Yellow? Or are you going to be a Pink one too?

The Choice is yours!

Stay Boujee xxx

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