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Packing and Prepping for Barbs

Not long to go until me and the Beeb are off to Barbados I can’t even explain how excited I am for this trip and how badly we need this holiday. We booked it almost 6 months ago and are staying at an amazing 5-star all-inclusive resort in Holetown in Barbados. Our resort includes boat trips, swimming with sea turtles, all food & drink, and all water sports and activities so I think its self-explanatory why I am losing my mind waiting to get there. Strangely though I am not prepared for any of it like I know what I need to do and have everything planned, listed and booked for before I leave but my shopping spree I really left until the last minute. I think I just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have bags and bags of stuff just lying around the house taunting me. I am a really organized person and always plan every detail but I think because of work, rehearsals, and events that I really would of benefitted from Marie Condo moving in this week.

I have had quite a few of my followers & readers ask me to show them how I get ready for a holiday and the run up to it - which I agreed to do so I will split it into this blog entry and also a little ‘How to’ later this week or a step by step insta story as I will be having all the extra body & beauty treatments done just before I leave. You probably do all of this stuff already or maybe you will pick up a few tips from me - If this post helps you that’s great but if not well at least I have it all wrote down and listed for myself.



I love the packing part of a Holiday but I have become too good at hiding that extra 15kg - I do it with my weight (Ha!) and I do it with my luggage. My suitcase is practically a pair of spanks on wheels and if its unleashed then you’d see things that you never thought were possible and ask where the f**k was she hiding all of that? On this flight we are allowed 25kg each, a 10kg carry on, and a hand bag so naturally I thought this was the best news but my dream was short lived because Keith said we aren’t bringing that much that it’s not needed. He is a buzz kill coz I really could have filled all 4 of those cases with everything I own BUT alas I know he was right so I am back down to a shitty 25kg bag. When it comes to packing it’s all about breaking it down into categories so I have put together the ones I go by.

Outfit Plan:

Be realistic with yourself you do not need 3 changes of clothes per day, and come on have you ever needed 45 pairs of knickers for one trip? Like how many times are you planning on pissing yourself? The best thing to do for clothes is make a list of the days you will be there so for me I need to bring 10 outfits to wear in the evening, 5 swim suits to alternate with 3 kimonos/Kaftans, and a hand full of day dresses or play suits for when I am about during the day. I need 5 pairs of shoes - sliders for the beach, 2 pairs of wedges or heels, a pair of flats and some strappy sandals. Accessories wise I will bring 3 hats, a lot of high-street jewellery (don’t bring your real or sentimental jewellery), and 2 bags that will go with everything I wear like a black clutch or straw bag. That really is all I will need because I know from past holiday's that I usually wear the same stuff on repeat because its comfy and I just want to chill.

Tech & Elec:

I usually leave this stuff to Keith because a lot of it is packed last minute because I will still be using it the morning I leave so if its forgotten then it’s his fault (I know! I’m not just a pretty face). Tech & Elec wise all you need to bring are chargers for whatever devices you are bringing (phone, laptop, kindle, headphones), an adaptor plug so you can actually plug them in, an extension lead so you can plug 4 things in at once, portable chargers, and of course pack your straightener and curling iron. A lot of the time we leave our hair wild and free on holiday but just in case you are going some place nice then you won’t want to be pulling off the ‘caveman chic’ look.

Bed & Beach

I have already included beachwear in with my clothes but there will be extra bits that need packing like a beach towel and a beach bag that you will use every day to carry things to and from the beach. You can buy the fun pool inflatables when you arrive – on my last holiday I lost 5kg in my luggage to the inflatable flamingo and inflatable Krispie Kreme that I brought (flamingo was for me so everyone knew I was elegant, and the donut was for all to know that Keith may be cute but he’s the reason you’ll get fat). Buy those things while out there and just leave them behind when you are leaving. For Bed just pack your lightest PJs or nightdress, I usually bring two with me and it’s enough. I also bring little slippers too for walking around inside coz usually there is sand everywhere and I don’t want it in the bed. Everything here in this section should be able to fit into the beach bag inside your suitcase with some extra space for underwear (I usually stuff all of my socks and underwear into my shoes but I won’t have many shoes with me and they will be small strappy ones that I can just squeeze in around my clothes).

Make Up and Beauty Bits

You gotta be ruthless here. We all know I’m a Makeup gal but I do not need to bring all of it with me and if I did then we actually will need the extra 25kg. All that you need is one of everything and what you would use for everyday makeup with maybe a few extra gold shimmers for a holiday glow. You don’t need all your eyeshadows and lipsticks with you! Lippy wise bring 3 at most (one neutral, one red & one bold) if you have too. The straightner is already packed with the Tech & Elec stuff so all you need to pack in your makeup bag are your hairbrushes, clips, and gogos (bobbles/hair ties). All of this should fit in a small vanity bag or case.


Like the beauty bag just bring what you need because you don’t need the bathroom cabinet with you. You need tooth brushes and toothpaste, makeup remover, moisturiser, sun cream, after sun, insect repellent, a razor (if you didn’t wax), sanitary products (long flights can cause an early period), and if you have special coloured shampoo then pack that but if not then all the bits like shampoo, deodorant, shower gel, and hair spray can be bought when you arrive at your destination.

Medication and first aid

Right I’m not going to lie here but before I leave on holiday I make sure I am stocked up on all the drugs I may need and if I have run out of some then I make a trip to the doctor and get everything! I have a mountain of painkillers as it is and will never run out but I will also make sure I have all the over the counter meds I might need along with an antibiotic for a kidney infection. I am prone to them and do not want one while I am away or have to see a doctor so if I don’t have a spare course of antibiotics lying around then I will go get one! I bring everything I can with me like Antibiotics, Antihistamines, Motilium, Tramadol, Panadol, Uniflu, Throat spray, Burn spray, Eye drops, Antiseptic cream, Plasters, Inhalers, and Epi pens. It may sound ridiculous but I have been away and sick before so will not risk it if I can help it. Take everything out of its box and pop it all in a little make up bag. You may not need any of it but just in case it is better safe than sorry.

That’s all of your packing that is done and listed but at the end of the day if you forget one of those things then it’s not the end of the world just buy whatever it is when you get there. The next section I move on to is all the preparation section.



Documentation & Essentials:

I still live in the stone age and like to print everything out as well as have it on my phone. So in one A4 plastic pocket I put the accommodation voucher/booking, Boarding passes, travel insurance, and airport transport booking. Then in my handbag with this stuff I put both of our passports, money & the emergency credit card. Usually you can access most of this stuff if you forget it but the passport and money are the most important things you have to have with you. Everything else is fixable or replaceable but those things are not so keep them in a safe place and double check you have them before you leave for the airport.

House care:

I like to make sure everything is spotless before I leave so that when I return I have nothing to do so before I leave I will put fresh sheets on the bed, the fridge will be cleaned out, and everything left nice and tidy. Let’s be real here, when you come back and you have the holiday blues the last thing you want to do is hoover or find the out of date food in the fridge. It’s nice to come home to a nice clean house, and just relax while you cry into your pillow.

Book appointments:

When your holiday is coming up its best to book all of your appointments in advance for as close to the date as possible to avoid disappointment and so its freshly done. I will cover all the bits I do in a ‘How to’ or insta story but if you are due a haircut or colour try hold it off for as long as you can before the holiday, wax a few days in advance so you are not red raw, get your manicures and pedicures done a day or two before you leave and choose shellac so it lasts, treat yourself to a body scrub and a massage the day before you leave, and spray tans should be done the night before but make sure you have a top up moisturizer or gradual tan to make it last. Also if you are a lashes girl or guy then book them in too and just pay to have the extensions so you aren’t stuck dealing with strip lashes and the melting glue blinding you.

Airport & Flight:

I love the airport I really do. I love arriving with all my bags and being all excited to be going somewhere but the airport can be a seriously stressful place so do everything you can to keep it a relaxed and chilled out time. We always go to the airport early to drop off all of our bags and then have something to eat and a glass of bubbly. I use to always dress up and be styling in the airport but like for what? It’s all about been comfortable so you should just wear what is comfy for you. What is trendy nowadays for the airport is Loungewear and Co- ord tracksuits so you can still get cute trendy airport clothes to wear. I’ll be wearing my loungewear going and on the flight, and will have a dress rolled up in my handbag for when I arrive in Barbados to change into before we land. For the flight itself we have upgraded our seats and paid to just sit by ourselves with no one beside us so that way I can stretch out, read, watch inflight films, and drink some champagne. I also pack in my handbag my fluffy socks and a face mask. It may seem a bit high maintenance but on long flights your skin dries out really bad so popping on a hydration mask is a great call and will pass some of the time. Also invest in a good neck pillow and an eye mask so you can take a nap if it’s a long flight.

Research & Relax

The one thing I always do with Keith before I go somewhere is research and read reviews on what to do, where to go, top restaurants etc. because I like to do and avail of everything a place has to offer. I will happily spend hours on trip advisor reading what people have done and what they would advise to do when you are about to go where they have been. Sometimes the obvious touristy things to do aren’t always the best things and sometimes it’s the little hidden gems that make your entire holiday.

Prepare for your holiday as much as you can so that when you arrive everything is already done and you can switch off from your reality. Don’t be the person who drinks at an Irish or British bar just because its familiar or only eat the things you know you already like. Take the risk, throw yourself into the culture and embrace everything. I cannot wait to drink random rum cocktails, chat to the local people, swim with the sea turtles, and eat a flying fish sandwich! I may be an OCD prepped lunatic before I leave but once I arrive at the airport I will check in my perfectly packed suitcase full of bikinis and prescription drugs, and switch to full on Vacay mode.


Boujee Tips & Tricks:

1. Buy clothes you can mix and match and create different outfits with like wrap skirts and crop tops.

2. Try find a make up palette that has a few items in it so you don't have loads of individual bits that you can easily loose.

3. If it a girls or group holiday then share the load of products and appliances because you don't all need one of everything.

4. Be sure to stay hydrated on the plane and if you are drinking then be mindful that you don't want to get wasted because you don't want to arrive stumbling nor do you want to be drunk in the event of any emergency or problem.

5. Bring snacks on the plane because most airline food is horrendous so its best to have your favourites in your bag as back up or as extras.

6. Get up and walk around or stretch every hour on the plane because you will get super stiff sitting in one position, and you need to keep your blood circulating as normal.

Stay Boujee xx

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