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Performing is who I am not just what I do

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

An inside look on how I became the singer I am today and why I do it

Opera singing involves a lot of Dairy free coffees with Turmeric, and studying arias for hours and hours

Where it all began

For me it’s hard to pin point the exact moment that I knew I wanted to #sing and #perform but I know it relates back to when my Nana and Grandad would take me every year to see the local pantomime and I remember how I was completely besotted with the performers and thinking all I want is to do that. Over the years I fell in #love with #Musical theatre as it was always something that was playing while I was in a car with #family. I was always in a #choir which is where I learned most theory, and eventually a teacher noticed I had a #classical sound in my tone and that is what lead to classical singing and #Opera.

You either love it or learn to appreciate it

Opera is not everyone’s cup of tea which I am fully aware of (and know you’re wrong) but I think if you don’t instantly fall in love with it then you have to find or see the opera that you can relate too. Opera completely consumes me in every aspect from the voices, to the #acting, and of course the #orchestra. There is nothing on this earth that makes my heart race like a full orchestra does. There is so much work and time that goes into an Opera and anyone that has been in one or seen one can confirm that every single detail is so specific, and every second and note is worked on by a whole team of creatives.

What are you studying for? Don’t you just open your mouth?

Sweet baby Jesus, if I had a #dairyfree Turmeric latte for every time I’ve heard this I’d never sleep again. People who study singing in any way can relate with this question because a lot of people just assume singing is just singing. I can assure you getting my #degree in Opera singing was Blood, Sweat, & uncountable Bitch fits. It was never ending studying of theories, dietary restrictions, history, techniques, languages, musicality, and once that’s all covered then you can just open your mouth and sing (sigh). I have had the sentence “she probably wasn’t smart enough for a real course” said about me in the past and I know I should have unleashed all my #fury but I actually found it laughable because anyone with any sense or common knowledge knows that Opera singing, Ballet and Composing are the most demanding subjects to do in the #arts. It’s called a #discipline for a reason and its why most people stand and applaud them BEFORE they even showcase their talent (so shut up and love me ok!).

"She probably wasn't smart enough for a real course"

Blessed so far

I have been beyond fortunate in my singing career so far and though I chose to not do it as a full time #career it takes up a lot of my time. While I was studying I understudied the role of Christine Daae in Phantom of the opera (not an opera so don’t say it’s your favourite), I was in Rigoletto for press week and performed for the #Royal family, I have worked for #Disney as a real life Princess (obviously), I was the Solo Soprano for Michelle Obamas book tour, and I am a currently signed concert soloist at #ENO. I know how blessed I am to have the credits I have to date but I also know I worked really hard and still work hard. While majority of people on the #tube are listening to their Throwback Thursday playlist on #Spotify or reading a book- I am listening to Arias and learning language dialects so that I stay on #top of my game. It sounds like it’s a burden but I really love it and it’s my #favourite time of the day but my point is I do #work hard and nothing is just handed to me.

That’s show bizzzz

It’s not always success stories, #Boujee and #glamour though, I have had a lot of #fails and let downs too. I can be honest and say my let downs usually happen in #nonprofessional environments as casting can be very political and based on who is in the society longer etc. but that’s not just me that’s the majority of us who choose to dabble in nonprofessional theatre or Am dram. It happens in the professional industry too of course and it is very #competitive but #perseverance and staying on #top of your art is key. I have sobbed over not getting cast due to political and strategy casting in the past or when I have been overlooked for certain roles (*clenches keypad while typing) but I know that works both ways as I’m sure there has been many times I’ve been chosen over the girl who was better suited that I was. This happens in every #industry though not just this one as I know many people have lost out on a promotion for all the wrong reasons just like people get the promotion for all the wrong reasons. It’s just part of the packaged deal when you want to be in the Performing Arts Industry – that’s #show bizzzz.

"I have sobbed over not getting cast due to political or strategy casting"

Why I do it?

I get asked all of the time why singing? Why performing? What makes you do it? The answer is because I can’t stop and I can’t not do it. My whole #world is built around me singing and it really is what makes me #happy. I will spend months and months in rehearsals just for that 30 second end of show #applause. I know that sounds so self-centred and self-absorbed but it truly isn’t, the feeling of confirmation of a job well done is so #gratifying, and knowing the #audience had as great a time as I had is such an amazing feeling. However, I don’t need a full applause or an audience because for me the feeling of performing is what I #live for. Performing as myself or developing a character devours me, and that feeling is completely mine and in that #moment it’s all that matters. I do this for no one else but myself and because I don’t know how to not do it.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Persevere and stay on your game (work hard & study up)

  2. Be PROUD of what you achieve (you worked for it so enjoy it)

  3. Accept the failures (you cant win them all bitch)

  4. Don't let small minds stop you (haters gonna hate)

and most importantly:

Love who you love and do what you love otherwise what is the point?

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