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Silence isn't empty. It's full of answers.

“If you’re silent, then you’re racist”… yeah OK Hun! I guess I am racist now because I chose to just switch off for a while.


Last week I decided to mute all social media because it has all gotten a bit too much for me. I understand that there are posts out there stating that being silent means you’re racist! There are also posts out there that give you a link to show which of your friends on Facebook follows Trump…. so to be honest, I am not really bothered if me switching off makes me a racist in some people’s eyes just like me keeping up to date with political affairs, and following the social media pages of the President of the United States makes me a hard core right wing Republican (even though I am an Irish girl living in London) who supports everything they stand for, and applauds Trump and all he does.

I am laughing at the above now, but last week I was not because MULTIPLE people I know had shared this type of link, and then continued to discuss who was on it in their comments - I didn’t see any of the comments because by then I was switched off from all Social Media but of course people will screen shot what they see and send it to you… which is why my Whatsapp is now also shut off (apart from work). I find things like this very upsetting (and I am not easy to take down) because they are solely created for toxicity, to put more hate into the world, and to turn us all against each other.

I have muted all of my social media this past week and honestly, it has been a blessing in disguise for me. Everyone has been advised to isolate yourself physically, but don’t cut communication - well, I have and it’s been the best week I have had in months. If you asked me right now what is going on out there or has happened in the last week - I have no idea! I also know that it is the exact same as last week - The News covering and broadcasting things that scare people, finger pointing articles from BOTH sides of the BLM movement, and my Newsfeed filled with people posting educational links, but have spent next to no time educating themselves on the topic as they are too busy trying to look like a hero. It’s not everyone, but is the vast majority! I am of course in favour of people educating others, but at the same time this isn't about you and what light you are so desperately trying to be seen in during these times.

Muting has done me the world of good because my mind was starting to overload without having the time to process or figure out my thoughts on where I stand in all of this. I get that people will argue my silence and lack of participation, but there is no argument here because this is what I needed to do for me. I needed to switch off my Instagram so I couldn’t see all the Live stories, I needed to switch off Facebook so I couldn’t see the endless stream of useless information, and I needed to switch off from my own friends and family because I had nowhere that was a safe space or freedom from toxicity.

I am not really sure where I am going with this post or its exact purpose, but I guess it’s because I chose to use the platform I have to say there is nothing wrong with switching off for a bit to gather your thoughts and process everything that is happening, there is nothing wrong with saying nothing if you have nothing to say, just like there is nothing wrong with saying nothing if you do have something to say - because lets face it the second you do say what you like, you will be argued and expected to defend what you said with people who don’t have the same opinion OR WORSE people who do have the same opinion, but just want the argument anyway. This is a huge factor in why I switched off because I found myself standing for the same things as others but yet I have to listen to rants about the things I already support, and defend the exact same thing we are both saying??? Such a waste of time and energy.


To be clear on a few things:

Yes, I follow President Trump on Social Media. I follow him because he is the President of the United States, and I like to keep up to date with what is going on. I follow him because when an unreliable source says “Trump said this” I like to be able to click on his page and see it for myself and not just believe everything I read. I can also confirm that I am not a Republican, but Honey, listen close to what I am about to say I am also not a Democrat or a follower of any other American Political Party because I am not an American!! I don’t fall under any of those categories because I don’t live there… but I can say this and feel strongly about it - It is very easy for me and you in the UK or anywhere else outside of America to condemn everything Trump does or attack those who voted for him because we are on the outside looking in, we have the luxury of passing comments because we don’t ever have to actually vote there, and we can judge and laugh about things that are said because realistically it has zero impact on us. It is very easy to say sitting in London with all of my privileges that I would never vote for Trump or his political party, but the truth is if I lived in America, I cannot guarantee that I wouldn’t because I have no idea where I would be living, the life I would have, what political views I would need to support because it benefits me and my family, the information I would be given, the education I would have received, and the Religion I follow. It is something I feel strongly about and the second I hear someone say “how could you vote for that” I have to take a breath, close my eyes, and ask for strength because not only is it such an ignorant statement to make or question to ask, but it automatically strips away everything the voting system stands for and puts you in the category that you support the right for people to vote but only if it’s what you stand for too. I invite you to really think about that for a minute… and after you are done thinking about it, I believe the word you are looking for here is hypocrisy.


If you do switch off like I did be aware that I was not 100% disconnected from all communication. I spoke to my Mam as normal, I spoke to my work friends in our group chat because we discuss Cats/Dogs/Pregnancy/How hot it is, and I spoke to one or two friends on opposite sides of the world to me because in conversation they radiate or portray positive and admirable attributes all of the time that keep me focused on what’s right and what I know to be true. I would not advise switching off entirely from the world unless it is truly what you need.

I am continuing my muted social media phase for another while as it is just what I need right now. I am sorry if you feel that I am a racist because I am not participating right now but its honestly fine I already forgive you for labelling me as this because you saw it said on a meme and ran with it without gathering all the facts. I am sorry if you feel attacked by anything I have stated in this post but if you feel targeted then I suggest you ask yourself why you do and why you think its about you. This post is not to target anyone specifically it is stating my opinion generally.

If you feel the need to comment or reach out stating why I am wrong in my opinion or why I am a racist for staying silent, then you should be aware that I won’t see it so I will not be able to argue back in any way or give you the debate you are seeking.


Kaylen Out *mic drop* (that's right! If I speak about Trump then I will close with Obama).

Stay Boujee & Stay Safe xxx

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