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Slay and Pay

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

How many times have you gone into a salon and left with something you’ve not asked for, or ordered food that wasn’t of good standard...and you said nothing?

While getting pampered its my thing to read Porter or Vogue while sipping on sparkling water (unless there is champagne or prosecco) Photo: I took while @ Foster London Salon

I know sometimes people look at me in a salon or restaurant when I say exactly what I am thinking as opposed to sitting there all quiet and just dealing with what I'm not 100% #happy with. I know some people think “Wow this one is on an absolute power trip”, and others think “I #wish I could tell the hairdresser that this isn’t what I wanted”. I am by no means on a power trip or think I am any way superior to the staff wherever I am, I just genuinely believe that we should get what we pay for.

Confrontation or Confidence

I can genuinely say its not confrontation for me. Why would it be? I would much rather I got exactly what I asked for, that way I’m getting my moneys worth and the service will have a happy customer. When I go to the #hairdressers I want to leave with exactly with what I asked for, chances are I’m about to give them £200 for what ever it is so I think that is what should be done. I always bring a #picture with me to show the hairdresser what I want, and if I am told it may not look exactly like that then I have no issue in asking the hairdresser to find someone who will do it. I do not say it in a mean way, and any time I have done this a senior #stylist or manager has always thanked me for asking for someone who can do it and for not just settling.

I always bring a picture with me to show the hairdresser what I want

Manners cost nothing

It really is in the way you say it and your tone of voice. Like when I ask for someone else to do my hair, I don’t say it with a death stare and a head tilt I simply say “Do you mind checking if someone can mix the colour or do that specific blow dry". I explain that I’m not trying to be #awkward or difficult that I really just have my heart set on what I asked for. Majority of the time the hairdresser will completely understand because if the person is good at their job they want you to be happy but if the hairdresser huffs and argues it... well then I don’t want this gobshite at my hair anyway because they clearly don’t care (so put down the brush and back away from my mane).

The customers isn’t right she’s just a bitch

Are some people just looking to feel superior and talk down to someone? ABSOLUTLEY. I see it all the time in my nail salon here in #London. There is a specific “type” of girl who thinks she is not just a #superior class to the staff but for some reason believes that its perfectly fine to speak to someone without #manners just because they are serving you, and it is #disgusting to be in the same room as this type of person. When a nail technician asks you “are you here for in-fills?” No one should respond with “that’s what I booked in for so why are you asking me that, are you stupid or something". This is not a once off type of thing, I see this 99% of the time I get my #nails done. What’s even more frustrating is the nail technician will apologise to her and then the barbarian sits next to me and tries to spark conversation as if butter wouldn’t melt. This annoys the life out of me because it proves that she chose to be nice to me and rude to someone else. I would have more #respect for a person who is rude all of the time because at least that person is just that way inclined but if you have it in you to be respectful to one person and then be vile to another just because you can then I have no interest in speaking to you or discussing your 8 inch stiletto shaped nails with chandeliers hanging off them.

Its OK to say its not OK

I know its easier for some people to just send #food back, return #clothes, or say they don’t like the job that was done but if you don’t then no offence but you become a bit of a push over, and it wont just happen in #salons or restaurants it will seep into other areas of your life like work and relationships. Yes there is always a time or situation where #compromise is key but I really believe when its a service or something you are paying for then there is no room for compromise. You can be nice and say what you want at the same time. However I can tell you first hand that if its a service environment and you have no customer service skills or you are #rude to me first then I am going to be quite harsh towards you or worse kill you with kindness. I won't cut my hair in to a Mom bob with a side fringe and ask to speak to the manager but don't just make the assumption that I will take this lightly (sometimes I’m classy with a K).

When its a service or something you are paying for then there is no room for compromise

Should Woulda Coulda

If you go #home from a salon or wherever you have been and you aren’t happy with the end result you have no one to blame but #yourself. You will have been asked do you like it, and that is your cue to say no. If you go home after a blow dry and have to redo it or you now have those sperm shaped brows from the 90's then that is on you (and yes you should be mortified). I know sometimes there is no reversing what has been done and you may have communicated your request very clearly and it still goes wrong but you can still say it, and 9 times out of 10 they #will amend the situation. I know it can be daunting and you may have #anxiety or not have any kind of back bone, and to step that far out of your #comfort zone could cause you to have a break down but realistically if you say nothing then you’re going to end up having a melt down when you get home anyway so you may as well have the melt down with the hair that you initially wanted. Why be stuck with should woulda coulda when you have the capability to get exactly what you want? (and facts are facts).

Boujee Task:

How about in the next month if you are someone who struggles a little bit with speaking up for yourself or you are afraid to say it is not what you want that you say it. Even if its something as small as asking for something extra in a restaurant or something as big as saying you do not like what your hairdresser/architect/colleague has done and that you want it done again. Whatever it may be - set yourself the challenge to speak up for yourself if you want something. Just remember #confidence and #kindness is all you need in this situation. Let me know how it goes and if you were able to slay and pay! (or if you ended up wearing your dinner or with a chunk taken out of your hair by some psycho with a scissors).

Stay Boujee xx

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