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Updated: May 26, 2020

So, yesterday I was having the chats with my friend Stuart -you know Stu!? Handlebar moustache and shoulder pads?.. Yeah! Him! and he asked if anyone started posting about things they would like to do after the Quarantine ends or something they have learned? Which I have not seen anywhere, just yet, and I think it is such a gorgeous idea. I see a lot of the #IamGrateful posts around and I love them because they are really uplifting, and lets face it when someone is spreading positivity it is always good.

With that in mind, I am going to start the ball rolling on the #SoTodayChallenge. For the next 21 days I will post on my Instagram Story something I have learned during this time or I’m grateful for or something I look forward to doing or something I managed to do today - WHATEVER! And I will then tag someone new every day to do it. You don’t have to video it or anything like that.. you can type it/sing it/say it through modern dance (kind of want that to happen now that I have said it). It doesn’t matter how you do it you just gotta do it. If you miss a day, then do a double feature the next day. It is simply a challenge to keep you a little productive, keep you a little entertained, and it might just be the only thing you manage to do that day.

I am going to kick this off because there are a lot of comparisons lately and I know from friends as well as direct messages and emails from people who read my blog that they feel hopeless sometimes and useless in comparison to how productive others are. I know I am probably someone who is very productive because I am working, cooking, exercising, blogging, etc. but just so you’re aware last night I watched 8 episodes of Riverdale, I can not get to sleep at night because I can’t switch off my brain, my skin looks like its been trial testing botch makeup in a lab for the last 6 months, and in the words of Regina George “Sweat pants are all that fits me right now”. Yes, I am being productive, but I am also having days where I just binge watch TV and scoff Easter eggs. I have not hit a wall yet, but I am still working full time, so I don’t have it as hard as others. Do not feel bad because you are barely hanging in there or because you don’t have abs like Jesus. I swear by following a routine, but that is only because that is how I function and survive. My brain is built around lists and structure so that is how I get through my day - how you get through yours is completely up to you.

So today I will start off my #SoTodayChallenge please feel free to just kick start yours too, if you don’t want to wait for a nomination or be tagged. I look forward to seeing all your posts & positivity!

Stay Boujee & Stay Safe xxx

Note: Stuart does not have a handlebar moustache or wear shoulder pads - it is just a look that my Wednesday Wine or Water Club is trying to enforce upon him and feel strongly about. After this 21 day challenge ends I will probably set up a fundraiser for this to happen and donate the money to the exotic animals we want him to adopt.

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