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Spread The Love Not The Virus

Updated: May 26, 2020

What a strange few weeks it has been! For me it’s currently still business as usual. I work in Higher education so for me to be in work is expected until further notice (that notice actually changed today and I am now working from home which is a massive relief). It's hard to know exactly what to say because this is something most of us have never experienced in our life time and let’s hope and pray that after this, we never have to experience this again. It is a time of worry, a time of fear, and a time of uncertainty.

People are very stressed right now and feel pressure from some many different angles. I can admit I am one of them because usually I consider myself to be someone who is strong in most situations or if not I have a bit of a tantrum and allow it all pass but for me personally I can admit I am struggling a lot with the lack of control and disruption to my daily routine. Please don’t beat yourself up if you are feeling this way too because it is normal as well as human to feel this way. I am one of them people at high risk who has underlying conditions so getting on the tube every day and coming in to work had my stress levels through the roof, but I am not the only one and know I am not the only one who is feeling this way.

The topic has taking over all our lives right now and it is completely unavoidable. People have shown their true colours by displaying their selfishness and, people are taking social media as gospel and allowed irrelevant opinions with no evidence or logic get into their heads, and the lifestyle of every man for himself has begun. It is a scary time but for every person filling their trolley and for every person posting absolute rubbish there are people showing real kindness and people really wanting to make a difference. People are helping each other, strangers are offering support, and love is still coming through amongst the madness.

I have no shame in saying this because I have seen it on my own Facebook and with my own eyes but the women in their 40s and 50s living on Facebook are spreading this poison and fear. I see them stock piling, sharing ridiculous posts from tabloids, and taking pictures of queues - HUN YOU ARE IN THAT QUEUE TO TAKE THAT PICTURE!!??!! I can appreciate you are scared and have kids at home, but it is pure lack of education and fact. If you want facts turn to articles not posts, if you want evidence turn to science not pictures. You should feel fear not spread it. People really are lacking something here and the thing they are lacking is common sense.

Although this is a very hard time we must look after each other and rise above it. It's not about saving yourself it’s about finding a way through it together and all coming out the other side in the best way we can. Yes we will loose people and it's not good enough to just accept that but we just have to rely on the healthcare workers to help those who have been affected because that is their job, and we have to do our best to not get infected and follow the instructions given to us because that is ours. Social gatherings, house parties and not controlling your children by enforcing new rules should not be the reason we end up sick and continuously spreading a virus that kills.

It is time to buckle up and use our common sense – I know now more then ever that common sense really is a luxury and not everyone has it but for those of us that do have it we just have to set the example and not fall victim to stupidity and selfishness like so many others clearly have. Take the food you need, keep your distance from people, plan your need to go outside so its productive as well as sporadic, and COME ON just do what you are told to do. This is not a time to go against political parties coz you don't like them nor is it a time to do your own thing coz you think your plan is better - it does not matter if you have a better idea what matters is we are all doing the exact same thing at the exact same time so that the impact of our actions in at its max and the damage is at its minimal. We have a chance to overcome this but these next few weeks will be crucial and solely relies on what we do as a whole as well as an individual.

Thinking of you all while we all go through this together.

Stay Boujee & Stay Safe xxx

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