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The Debbie Downers of Vday

Updated: May 26, 2020

I’m not really one for a rant on the old blog but I just have to say the level of negativity towards Valentine's today on Social Media is actually mortifying. We had such a rant and joke here at work today about how our social media platforms are all full of post's from people saying, “Valentine’s day is about all Love not just Romantic so stop doing soppy posts” or “Who cares about Valentine's Day?”. Well I hate to break it to you, but Valentines day IS just for celebrating Romantic love, and many people care about the day. You don’t see me on Mother’s Day kicking off because I don’t have a child bringing me a bowl of soggy Special K in bed, and whinge about how it’s a made-up day or that its not fair to be rubbing it in the faces of people who are childless.

It’s not just Valentine’s day – it happens at Christmas too. I see endless posts from people trying to play ‘high road’ by saying things like “stop taking pictures of what you got for Christmas coz some people don’t get presents” or “people are really lonely at Christmas so its hard for them to see all the family pictures”. We are at the stage now where some fool is ready to say “Stop posting about your birthdays coz some people were born on the 29thof February and can only get ‘on this day posts’ from their Mammie’s once every four years coz its not actually their birthday on the 28th.

People need to pull themselves together and get a grip. These posts come from the same people who when they are involved in some form of Commercial holiday smother the place in their pictures, which is completely fine but don’t come down on the days you cant be involved in because you're home alone tonight with a Meal Deal for 1 while the others are been wined and dined. If it’s such an irrelevant day then why are hating? Wouldn’t you just carry on and treat it like any other day if it was that beneath you? Yeah that’s what I thought Hun - you’re just bitter!

I personally love seeing all the pictures of people's flowers, chocolates, and little presents. I think its really lovely that someone took the time to get you something, and even though it’s a Romantic celebration I also love seeing all the cards your children make in school for you because technically you are the only version of love that they know for now so its very sweet seeing all the squiggly handwriting asking their Mam’s & Dad’s to be their Valentine. So please keep putting up your pictures!

I am going to one of my favourite restaurants tonight to celebrate, he’s also getting me a Black Pug today. To be honest I don’t know if he is but if he doesn’t – well lets just say I will have my own Netflix series next year where people will question if his death was an accident or not.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you celebrating it today!

Well done to all the kids who made cards for their Parents!

And... Get a grip to all of you pi**ing all over it for the rest of us!

Stay Boujee xxx

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