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The Get Up & Go Journey

I’m not really a 'New Years Resolution type' because I tend to just decide something and try to do it through out the year. I also find that when people make resolutions and don’t stick to them that they end up starting the year off negatively and believing that they have failed. This year I am feeling a little different about it because what 2019 has taught me is that your health, well-being, and mindset is everything. I completely burnt myself last year from work, taking too much on at once, and mostly because I allowed stress to take over. So this year I am going to be a “journey wanker” where I am dedicating the year 2020 to my well-being and finding the perfect balance towards keeping me sane.

I am not setting goals to be reached or rules to follow because like I said if I mess up at any time your led to the feeling of failure so this is more about adding things to my routine and focusing on putting myself and my over all well- being first. I am fully aware that I am coming across like a right twat, and that it sounds like I am replacing solid food with green liquids, and my GP with a voodoo man or herb guy but I am not doing that at all! I guess what I am trying to say is Ill be focusing on doing a lot more yoga, saying no to the things that cause added stress, and surrounding myself with the positive in 2020.

No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you've come from, you can become a better version of yourself.


My Parents got me one of the “Get Up & Go diaries” for Busy Women this year. This is an Irish branded and produced Diary/planner that is filled with positive quotes and sayings, Daily affirmations, Monthly Bucket lists, Recipes to try, and most importantly it dedicates each month to working on something to improve yourself and your well-being like for example - there are months dedicated to Love, there is also a friendship month and a compassion month. Each of the twelve things are something that can only enhance your life, and help you focus on what really is important.

January is Action Month so I have written my bucket list for this month already, booked in all of my Yoga classes & Gym sessions, added the extra tools to my fit bit (I got a fit bit for Christmas and I am now a hypochondriac), and I have decided that I will document and blog my ‘journey’ (God I really hate that word - it makes everyone sound like such a knob) not just for everyone who follows me and reads my blog but also for myself so I can see the progression & improvement - if any!

I would highly recommend the “Get Up & Go” diaries because I am already motivated and feeling positive about 2020. You can follow my “Get Up & Go Journey” and join in with me this year because at the start of each day I will post on my Instagram & Facebook story the daily quote or affirmation, and every month I will say what the diary has outlined to focus on etc. but as entertaining as it may be to watch me do it why not just buy one of your own Diaries and take the journey yourself?


Not only is it a new year but its a new decade so why not make this one the decade where you really get your shit together, put yourself first, build your life around what makes you happy, try and look for the positive, and allow a moment everyday to focus on what motivates and inspires you.

Stay Focused & Stay Boujee xxx

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