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Vain? No Hun I just look after myself!

It's a strange thing really that if you put effort into yourself, you're seen as vain, but if you don’t, you're seen as a concern. I have been paying attention to that a lot over the last few months on social media, topic amongst friends, and just in general. All the posts say “put on that facemask, buy the dress, take time for you” but f**k me the second you do that you're vain and obsessed with yourself???


It's a hard concept to follow because it's out there to invest in yourself and the promotion of self-care is everywhere, but for some reason there is a Cap on it… it's like if you get a facial as a one off all the responses are “well done Hun” “deserved” “treat yourself” BUT if you are someone who does things like facials/shopping/beauty treatments on the regular then you are vain?!

I received a DM this week on the gram that basically told me to stop posting Insta stories about how productive I am being because not everyone is as productive as me and it makes them feel bad!!? Honestly, I laughed hysterically at this because now not only are negative vibes harming people but positive ones too LOL!!! Not gonna lie I absolutely annihilated the person who said it to a point she didn’t even respond. I mean there is no polite way in saying that if you're a mess that's on you! If you are intimidated by someone working out at home and doing little crafts projects, then you don’t need a grip - you need help. Yes, some people and how they look/lifestyle they have can be intimidating at times, but this was all over me making an Autumn display in my window and doing my Saturday morning cleaning. Like if a pumpkin and a bottle of bleach is what tips you over the edge then you're a lost cause.

Times are hard right now so putting in the effort of self-care to perk yourself up is a good thing! I get that some days we want to where oversized hoodies and eat mountains of junk to feel better, and other days it's nice to put on something cute and feel good about yourself. The thing is I know I come across as someone who puts in a lot of 'me time' and my days are filled with deliveries and salon appointments, but what ya need to realise is I do it for me. I don’t dress up to look good for a man, I don’t buy what's on trend so that I’m seen as relevant, and I don’t have treatments done so I'm deemed acceptable to society and its standards…I do it for me and me alone - and I have absolutely no shame in it.

So, if you want to get that massage, book monthly facials, buy the dress, apply the tan, make a window display, post your workouts, put makeup on just to sit on the couch… then that's exactly what you should do!! There is nothing wrong with doing little things to make yourself feel better, there is nothing wrong with investing time into yourself as well as your appearance, and there is nothing wrong with doing these things when there is no pandemic if it's what you want/like to do. You do not need a reason or to explain why you do things for yourself! Just do them coz at the end of the day as cliché as it sounds you are doing them for you, so I don’t see why anyone else gets a say or opinion on the topic.

I of course feel sorry for anyone who is suffering right now in any way, but don’t ask me to come down from my level ten to a seven just because you peak at four.


Thank you for coming to my Rant and Ted Talk LOL

Stay Boujee and Stay Safe xxx

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