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VEGanuary So Far

Updated: May 26, 2020

I decided that this January I would try the Veganuary trend that a lot of people have being doing for the last few years. I don’t eat a lot of meat as it is (mainly just at dinner), and I am kind of used to substituting dairy because of singing so it wasn’t going to be complete death to me. I say death and prepared for the worst because I have known people who previously have done it that complained all month long about it, and spoke day in day out about how they would kill for a slice of Gouda. My thoughts on this as I am now half way through the month is that genuine Vegans don’t deserve the bad reputation they get for being preachers because it is obvious to me now that most people that I have met who become Vegan are posers who just want to say, “I’m a Vegan” because it’s the new label and brand for us millennials. I have a few Vegan/Veggie friends who to be honest don’t really say much about it unless you ask them - they are doing it for their own personal reasons and beliefs so they don’t feel the need to ram it down your throat.


Thoughts so far

I decided to give it a try this year because I always feel manky after the Christmas indulgence, and felt it may be a nice change to start the year with. I am loving every minute of it and find it so easy to follow because there is a Vegetarian or Vegan version of all the things I like to eat, there is a lot more flavour in the dishes, and almost every shop here supplies the substitutes you need (even Aldi has an entire Vegan range now). The only thing that takes a little bit more effort is adding an extra 10 minutes to the time of planning your weekly menu – only because you need to make sure your body is getting everything it needs. So, once you decide where your main source of protein is coming from you are sorted.


How I feel

I feel great! It’s strange because I didn’t think I would have many benefits apart from a bit of a detox, but I am sleeping 9 hours a night now instead of 5 to 6 hours (I mean I am probably dying from being malnourished), I have bags of energy, and I just feel really good. I was sick this week and I felt far more in control of it then I would have in the past, I powered through it because of all the excess energy I had so instead of been down for almost a week I just needed a day.


Going forward

I think for me to become a Vegan is something I wouldn’t do, not because I can’t but because I simply don’t want too. If I like something, I am having it so there is no point in fighting it really. I feel as of now that being a Vegetarian is a high possibility because I don’t eat a lot of meat and it’s all about reducing or trying to help the cause a little, but like I said if I want something I'm too selfish to just stop, and I will eat it anyway. So, for me I will probably be Veggie a lot of the time but if I want something I will have it – I know the word is Flexitarian but honestly that makes me cringe so bad so please don’t call me that because to me a Flexitarian is just someone who wants a label but has no will power or morals to stick to what it actually involves. I know I sound like such a cow-bag but when you get up in my face saying you’re a Flexitarian you just make me want to die of embarrassment for you.



I would highly recommend giving a Veggie Month a try even if its not for you at least then when you eye roll at a poser Vegan you can do it with feeling and are coming from a place of know.

Stay Boujee xxx

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