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Why Does My Burger Come With a Side of Xanax?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Remember when we read books and not food packaging? Good Times!

The incredible food at The Skinny Kitchen in Angel, London. I love this restaurant because no matter what you order - it is minimal Food Guilt.

Are you a food witch or just a bad bitch?

So if your anything like me your entire life and social calendar revolves around #food. I could eat all day every day (not shellfish as those sea-hoes want me dead). But as a girl who would be naturally #curvy with the metabolism of a sloth, I suffer with an extreme case of #FoodGuilt. Which for someone who’s social life is food this leads to me feeling guilty a lot of the time. I cannot tell you how many “last suppers” I have had on a weekend or how many times I had a new kick start #Monday Motivation plan- which is very easy to write when you have a stomach full of the good stuff, and forget what hunger and depriving yourself feels like.

Guilty as charged

Is this just me? Am I the only person while eating is thinking after this meal its nothing but lettuce licking and laxatives. I cannot tell you (apart from holidays/Christmas) the last time I just ate my food without some psychotic voice in the back of my head saying “you in danger gurl”. When did this all start and why did it start? I have no idea when this became such a part of my #life and why I can’t just have a fatty meal and move on without packing up my #Boujee London life and moving to death row because after a #Burger apparently that’s where I think I belong.

"Nothing but lettuce licking and laxatives"

Balance vs Binge

I consider myself to be a #healthy person. My body type is “yeah she works out but we know she’s partial to a burrito too”. I have a healthy #breakfast of porridge oat or eggs every morning, I bring a packed lunch to work every day that consists of last night’s left overs, and I measure and weigh everything that I #cook. I only have brown rice and brown pasta in my cupboard. I only eat 5% fat lean beef or chicken. I only eat sweet potato (I don’t deserve my #Irish passport- I know!). I have limited dairy due to singing and allow 200 #calories to cover anything that’s not meat, fish, fruit, veg, and portion controlled carbs. Then on the weekend I will go to brunch and still choose healthy. If I eat out, then I eat what I want within reason but still find myself sentencing myself to the death penalty over a little #binge.

Enough is Enough

To tell you the truth I have had #enough of the guilt. I’m 29 years old and do not need this level of guilt over a #burger. After chatting to some of my friends about it I found out they suffer with food guilt too and that the self-loathing over some extra calories is #REAL! Going forward I am going to really push myself to overcome the food guilt. I know I will never be a beautiful size 8 but I am a beautiful size 12-14 (depending on shop -but that’s a whole other blog) so why can’t I just #eat and move on. It’s all about #balance. Every #diet and food guru out there says balance is the #key but I also think accepting your size, shape and reality is the first step and the second step is then to find the balance that matches you.

"Why can't I just eat and move on"

So who’s with me?

This month I #plan on “just eating the burger” and want you to #try and do the same. I think the trick here is to be able to have the meal you want when you are out for #dinner or eating in, and then the next day get back to your #heathier routine, I think when we eat something “fatty” we tend to write off the rest of the week and fall submissive to the #Monday Motivation routine instead of having the food you want that meal/day/week. Let me know if you #do it and if you felt #liberated as opposed to condemned. The food guilt has to #STOP because let’s face it life is too short for constant salad bowls when there is so much cheese out there!

Tips & Tricks

1. Accept YOUR reality (embrace yourself)

2. Find the balance that matches YOU (find a routine that suits you)

3. Accept your fat/cheat days and move on from them (eat the #cake)

4. Accept that perfectionism isn’t realism (only #contour should be consistently perfect)

5. Stop Food shaming yourself (no one else is judging)

6. Follow the 75/25 rule (25% of the time eat what you want not what you should)

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